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Colonics, yes or no?

Posted by Tamar F.

In the New Yorker's annual Food issue this year, there is an article about spas and colonics. The theory is that we have pounds of undigested food rotting away and bloating our tummies. Apparently, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Essenes, Mayans, the court of Louis IV and even John Harvey Kellogg recommended high colonics/enemas.

However, some health care professionals say that it can introduce unhealthy bacteria, as well as perforate the bowels.

Paris Hilton and the late Princess Diana reportedly used high colonics to look good in sleek dresses.

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There is a summary of evidence of risks and benefits of colonic irrigation at Bottom line is that there are well documented hazards for colonic irrigation, and no documented benefits. We have an evolved system to manage the waste products of our metabolism. Which is to say that the healthy colon does its job well, and we do not need therapeutic colonic irrigation for good health (I'm not including the use of enemas to relieve constipation). Here are some interesting quotes from the above article: "Significant dangers include: perforation of the colon, infection from improperly cleaned instruments, electrolyte imbalances, and fluid absorption and overload leading to heart failure. Deaths have been reported from both perforation and infection." "Holistic practitioners believe the colon is a sewage system and if it's not kept clean, waste products won't be cleared out and toxic substances will be absorbed into the body. They believe that the typical person may have as many as several pounds of fecal matter in their colon, which causes mucus to build up and harden on colon walls. Science says this is not true. Your colon knows how to do its job, constantly shedding old cells, absorbing nutrients and keeping a delicate balance of bacteria and natural chemicals. Interfering with this process can hurt or destroy these relationships, meaning the colon won't work as well as it should. Colon cleansing is unnecessary, and medical doctors do not advise you to do this." Article by Melissa Tennen, Health A to Z (16th August 2005)
Holistic professionals and people who get regular colonics swear by them. Aside from the mega draining action, I've heard that getting a colonic also means better digestion and lymphatic function. But while adherents swear by colon hydrotherapy, the jury’s still out on the science of it and I've heard plenty of caveats from doctors who say that it can cause infection and lead to organ damage.

Colon Therapy has changed. 

The food we eat is without lots of nutrients now.  The pesticides are in us!  The parasites are in our drinking water and people have toxins in them from their work! 


Using the new FDA water, temperature controled, triple stage filtered and self sanitizing and using an I-ACT certified therapist, there have never been any problems... This is a safe and effective treatment for a healthy person.  We now require a letter from doctor ruling out any contraindications.  Please open  up to why this modality has been around since 1800bc.

Colon therapy can remove candida, help toe nail fungus, constipation, bloasting, gas, better food digestion, back ache and more but we do not make claims as a medical profession, we just help people help themselves.

Blessings to all practioners who are out to help people 

Linn Smith

I ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist


What is it like to wake up every morning to practice a job function for which there is no scientific proof of efficacy and from which deadly mischief, pain, and disease could possibly ensue if a serious mistake is made? The colon = sewer analogy is pure fantasy. There is no "cup of black coffee bean-like stools rotting away in the crooks and cranies" of my colon. I had a colonoscopy yesterday and he took pictures. I did the routine cleanout (no little black coffee beans in the process, I assure you) and there were NO residual materials encrusting my colon. None! The pictures did not show a "sewer pipe" waiting to be expanded and stretched by water solutions so the little critters could "pop out" of their hiding places. The colon in healthy people (99% of us) is a functioning organ with perfectly adequate self-maintaining capabilities and functions. It cleans itself every 24 to 36 hours. Everything else is placebo effect for people who just really get off having objects rammed up their bums. I'm not knocking that, BTW, I just don't like to see magic masquerading as science.
there are many articles, from MD's stating the benefits of colonics, and doctors use to practice this modality before drug companies came along. it is not for all.  But those who have had tapeworms, parasites, gallstones, etc., removed, it is awsome!  
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