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Cold bagel day

Posted Jan 02 2013 7:13pm

Back to work again.  I worked most of a full day on NYE and just had yesterday off.  I actually forgot what day it was and got up to get a pot of coffee going when I realized that it was Wednesday and that meant Bagel Day!  It was really cold out, too.

Here is the view from the coffee shop.


That thermometer reads 14 degrees (and that ain’t Celsius!), which actually was warmer than when we first got up.  This snow isn’t melting any time soon.

Bagel for breakfast and calories accounted for  :mrgreen:


Now that I am back in weight loss mode, it really takes some getting used to and really paying attention to those habits which have become less than stellar.  :nutsnacking:

I worked pretty steady to lunch and wasn’t hungry at all.  The bagel and coffee really is the most filling breakfast I eat all week, surprisingly.  I think it is the fat in the cream cheese that does it because it isn’t really that much more calorie wise than my normal breakfasts.

Anyhoo – I needed protein for lunch, so I just made up a smoothie with almond milk, pumpkin, plain whey, cinnamon and a bit o’ honey.


The clems? I am not really impressed this season with them.  Jury still out.

I bought a couple things at the mall yesterday when we ventured out on New Year’s.  Bath and Body Works was having their semi annual sale, so I stocked up!


The total for these was only $18.99 with tax.  I was proclaiming my bargain skills to John and his reply was “It just shows how overpriced they regularly are”.  Good point.  That’s why I only buy them for myself on sale.  If gift purchasing, I do pay the full price because birthdays and such don’t coincide with sales a lot of times – how inconvenient!

Anyway, I digress from the other purchase I made.  I had fun with the gold polish on my nails, so I found another fun color.


This is Mint Sorbet from Sally Hansen.  It seems maybe a bit more minty than this picture shows.

This is also my fleece blanket, which I was working with today – which also meant I had something else glued to me as well:


Can I tell you how hard it is to get work done around here?   Good thing I have a netbook or the cat wound’t fit.  Note the dumbbells on the floor for me to periodically do some lifting moves to take a break from work.  That works out really well, I have to say.

I had plans to make a good chicken dish for dinner, but then time got away from me while working and I was just ready to eat.  So quick cooking of the chicken (with extra for other meals).  The standard chicken and potato:



After all that ham we have been consuming (finally gone), it is really good to eat the chicken again  :mrgreen:

Snack tonight will be some nuts to round out the serving I was nibbling on.  No TV or internet tonight until I get my exercise and guitar practice in – so I had better hop to it!



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