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Clean eating, fitness cartoons, meeting guys at the gym and more!

Posted Sep 29 2008 9:01pm

Never let it be said that I don’t give the people what they want. Long ago I promised myself that I wouldn’t do what everybody else seems to do when they suck at the gym or life in general and post some motivational crap. I can’t sleep because I’m still thinking about things, though, so I figured I’d do something constructive.

Like every one else on WordPress I routinely check my little blog stats thing and I’ve noticed that I get a ton of hits from searches on a few things. Here’s some more about what you seem to be interested in.

1) Clean eating

Wow. I did this post  two weeks ago and it’s already one of my most viewed ever. While this is cool it’s also pretty sad. This is my third year of blogging! A lot of people are searching for information on clean eating. Diet posts in general are by far the most popular but wow. Just wow. My statcounter has blown up since then so I hear you loud and clear. More posts on clean eating. If I ever figure out what that is. Read this post from the Men’s Health forums and tell me what you think. I’m not at the point where I’m deciding between low and high GI carbs yet but it’s… interesting, I guess.

I suggest you read the entire essential reading thread if you’re totally new to weight loss and more specifically weight lifting. Lots of stuff to think about.

2) Fitness cartoons  

I love fitness cartoons and apparently you do too. I posted this link I got from Straight to the Bar back in May  and that post is still very popular here.

A few more I’ve discovered along the way are Brawn’s Gym and Guido and Luigi. They’re geared more toward weight lifting specifically which in my mind makes them even more awesome.

3) Meeting guys at the gym

I don’t know why this search term is so popular. It’s interesting I guess. I don’t know that there is a blogger out there who is tackling this subject. If you ever decide to do so I’m pretty sure there’s an audience for it. My experience in the gym tell me that these are not women doing these searches. If, by chance, they are though, it’s pretty simple for a women to meet guys at a gym. Three step process. 1) Be attractive, 2) make eye contact 3) smile. That’s pretty much it. For the guys….I don’t know. Same thing?

The whole idea of meeting people in the gym kind of creeps me out. I’m married and met my wife long before my gym days but I feel like the gym is kind of like work. It’s a “you don’t want to shit where you eat” kind of thing. The last thing you need is drama when you’re getting your workout on. That’s just my two cents.

Thanks for stopping by anyway.

4) How to make a weight loss journal

This one started popping up quite frequently around the beginning of the year. I guess they would find me when “weight loss journal” is in my url.

I don’t know. Do your thing is all I can tell you. People want to see the numbers so go with that. I’m really partial to the little weight loss box on the right side here. Feel free to steal it if you want to. I think you can right click/view source to get the source code. Put that stuff in a text widget if you’re using WordPress.

I assume people want to know how to make a popular weight loss blog. I can’t really tell you. I think it’s a combination of an interesting writing style and a commitment to being a part of the weight loss blogging community. That means making comments on every elses blog. I imagine that those things combined with a lot of success in losing weight would complete the trifecta. Oh yeah, and post often. Don’t bail when you have a few bad weeks. That’s lame. So, I just gave you four. What’s the word for that? Quadfecta?

I wish there was some central source to find all the weight loss bloggers. Maybe they could divide them between women and men, people who need to lose 100+ and people who need to lose less then 50lbs, etc. You could register your blog there or something like that. That would be awesome. Maybe a wiki? Somebody did that for my first blog’s subject matter. I get an email one day and they’re like, you’re in the wiki dude. Next thing I know my hits exploded. Seriously, why doesn’t someone get on that? Everyone could do a post about it. It could be huge. Maybe there already is one and I’m just not cool enough to be invited. You never know.

Until then I guess I’ll just check everyone’s blogroll.

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