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Cindy Crawford is one of the ori...

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:00pm

Cindy Crawford is one of the original ‘Supermodels’ and justifiably so. . . she is GORGEOUS! Still gracing the media circuit (and more recently the furniture world) this mum of two still turns heads everywhere she goes!

Married to the equally yummy entrepreneur Rande Gerber for almost 10 years, Cindy Crawford continues to leave the average gal in awe with her confidence, grace and of course THAT body. So how does Cindy Crawford get those muscles and that physique? We’ve got the scoop

Cindy Crawford started modelling at just 15 and went on to become one of the biggest models of ALL TIME gracing the covers of over 600 magazines across the globe. Her success on the runway has been matched off the runway with her many business ventures making her a very wealthy and respected business woman on the global market - talk about a role model!!!

Giving birth to two children (son Presley and daughter Kaia) has not stopped this supermum from maintaining the figure that makes us all go green with envy and simultaneously swear off chocolate for a month. Her seemingly effortless sex appeal leaves everyone scratching their heads and wondering HOW does Cindy Crawford get THOSE muscles?

Cindy’s Exercise Regime

Cindy Crawford24 During her runway reign Cindy Crawford kept fit with New York trainer Radu Teodorescu. Radu had Cindy trim and taut with a combination of cardio and strength training 3 times a week. The workout involved 20 minutes on the Stair Master followed by an hour of strength training combining some free weight exercises with some machines.

Following the birth of her children Cindy was ready to get her body back! When asked how she did this the down to earth celeb said: "Hard work and Kathy Kaehler". Kathy Kaehler is a well known fitness guru in the States who eventually paired up with Cindy to create a 3 in 1 workout video called A New Dimension - which is still a huge seller today (I’m thinking of buying it myself!)

Nowadays Cindy works with her personal trainer of over a decade, Valerie Waters, to keep in shape. She combines cardio, strength training and a healthy balanced diet. Keep an eye out for Valerie’s weekly tips here at UWLS.

Living near the beach has also added depth to Cindy’s fitness regime - she is often photographed running around with the kids on the sand or taking a dip with hubby Rande.

Cindy’s Diet

Obviously a large part of how Cindy Crawford gets those muscles can be attributed to her exercise regime but the other huge contributer is her celebrity diet. Cindy does not starve herself or jump on the bandwagons of every fad diet she approaches her eating with a healthy but realistic outlook.

Cindy adheres to a low carb, high protein diet BUT has learnt not to forbid herself the occasional treat. She says, "As soon as I feel I’m not allowed something, that’s what I want. I watch the carbs a bit more these days, but I don’t cut them out. I still have days where I think: Forget it, I’m going to have pasta or bread.-

Cindy Crawford’s celebrity diet incorporates lots of salads, veges and lean protein like chicken and eggs. A day in Cindy’s kitchen would look like this:

Breakfast - Egg White Omelette or Fruit with Yoghurt
Lunch - Salad with Chicken
Dinner - Fish/Chicken with Veges

Cindy snacks mid morning and mid afternoon on EAS Advantage Carb-Control Bars.

Cindy’s Lifestyle

What has struck me the most about Cindy Crawford is her well-rounded approach to her life. She eats well but enjoys food and doesn’t deprive herself the occasional treat. She exercises alot but enjoys being fit and nuturing her body. . . Cindy has made healthy living her LIFESTYLE and not just another celebrity diet.

So what is Cindy’s secret to looking so amazing in her forties?

Cindy Crawford Cindy has learnt that taking care of herself is really the answer. She says that 3 things account for your condition: "One your genes, Two how you treat your body inside and Three how you treat your body outside". She recommends water, sleep, food, cleansing and moisturising.

I think alot can be learnt from this beautiful lady who has lasted the distance in the industry. Perhaps instead of turning to the latest stick thin socialite girl we should look up to people like Cindy who have made healthy eating their way of life and have enjoyed success in all areas.

Well Done Cindy!!!

Ps. If you wanna grab a copy of A New Dimension click the link below :)

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