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'Chub rub' and store cards

Posted Jul 12 2009 12:56am 1 Comment
I just went to a store here that sells clothes in bigger sizes (basically they start at my size). I had never bought anything there because I have no trouble finding clothes at regular stores and this one is pretty pricey.

But I suffer from this 'condition' called 'chub rub', meaning if I wear dresses or skirts without pantyhose, I get an incredibly painful rash on my inner thighs (maybe some of you are familiar with this). And when I sweat (and I'm bound to in summer) the salty sweat makes that rash burn like hell. On top of that my skin is very sensitive to chafing so I get this rash with half an hour of walking around in a skirt or dress. Basically, I cannot wear dresses and skirts unless I wear pantyhose, and while I like that pantyhose gives my super-pale legs a tan-ish look, that is about the only thing I like about it.

So what is a girl to do?

Well, a year ago I went and bought this thing, not sure what it's called but it's like a corsage for your thighs, butt and stomach and it looks really ugly and like something only old people would wear. I bought it, tried it on at home (it was considered underwear and at that store you could not try on underwear), and, well? It looked impossible. It was too long for the dress I bought it for, and squished me in all the wrong places. And of course at this store you could not only not try on 'underwear' but also not return it. So to this day it is stuffed into the back of my closet, tags still attached and still in the plastic bag I bought it in. That's €10 down the drain right there. Thankfully it wasn't more expensive.

In the end I settled for anti-chafing gel from a sports store that runners and other athletes use. It did its purpose, but I wasn't really comfortable having gel on my inner thighs and worried about staining my dress all day (the occasion was my cousin's wedding). So while it worked and I didn't get 'chub rub' (or stain my dress) it wasn't ideal.

My mom had actually told me about something else but I didn't really believe it and I didn't get back to Germany until about 15 hours before the wedding and then I was still a five-hour drive away so it wouldn't have been an option for me anyway.

But the other week someone mentioned this issue again on a weight loss forum,and someone mentioned the same solution my mom told me about: cut-off pantyhose.

And after this long digression I get back to this plus-size clothing store. They sell this cut-off pantyhose. It is basically regular pantyhose which ends above the knees - like biking shorts. Today I bought a pair and I honestly hope this will work better than the ugly white granny corset panties I bought last year. They are still not what I would call sexy but I have no intentions of anyone else seeing them.

When I bought the pantyhose the store assistant asked me if I wanted a store card. I declined because I honestly think this will be the only item I'll ever buy there, and I have no intentions of making buying plus-sized clothes a habit. To me, declining the store card was symbolic of my intentions of losing weight and getting down to a size that will make it no problem to buy clothes wherever I want. Saying no to the store card equaled saying no to being overweight.

And as soon as I left that store I went to Starbucks to get myself a caramel frappuccino. A light one of course because remember? I just said no to being overweight.

So what about you, do you have to deal with 'chub rub' in the summer? What do you do to avoid it? Maybe this post will help you find a way to avoid 'chub rub' and still get to wear pretty dresses and skirts in the summer. Or if you've found something else that works for you, please share it in the comments.

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Heck yeah I do! I've been dealing with it since I was 131lbs skinny legs yet knock knee ass all hell. Now I'm 215 6'2 and 2 children later still dealing with the same issue yet now it is far worse than ever before. All I can say is keep stock in a great pair of hose and cut those bad boys off at the knee and don't forget to put clear polish around the edges to keep them from running, tearing and moving up your thigh. They may hurt upon removal but hey it works just shave, wax or mow those legs to make sure the polish does not adhere to the hairs.


Rhamobbie Smith-Vanterpool

VA Beach,Virginia

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