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Christmas is Coming

Posted Dec 23 2012 9:19pm
Yes, it's just a few days till Christmas.  I'm looking forward to it as I always do.  I'm also not ready as usual but this year I'm not worried about anything.  In the few months I've realized that stressing over things does me no good.  Of course I've know that for years but I'm actually practicing just going with things and though often that means flying by the seat of my pants I'm ok with that.  

I've gotten to 7 different local TOPS meetings and did my yearly area captain program for them and they've all enjoyed having me and it's done my soul a lot of good.  I do realize I do have things to say and it makes me realize that though sometimes I struggle and don't feel like a success I am and I can help others with my words.  

I have off till Friday Jan 4th so really I only have one day of work for the next 2 weeks which sounds great to me.  It will do me good to have that break.  I plan on working out everyday and just having some me time.  

We are planning to go see Kevin New Year's weekend (Sat-Tue) which I know he's happy about.  I can't say I'm thrilled over 8+ hours of driving each way but I know he will appreciate the time with us.  I am looking forward to seeing his new little apt and buying a few things for it.  It will also be fun to buy a few things for the little one (she's 4) and to get to know his girlfriend a little better.  

I've been doing some baking this year for gift giving and I'm realizing that as long as I don't have any I'm good.  But I have had my share over the past week.  My goal is to stay out of what Mike's mom sent us and hopefully drop a few lbs in the next 2 weeks before my little challenge I'm doing is over.  I've lost all of 3 lbs in the past 5 weeks of the challenge but I guess that is better than gaining.  I had hopes of doing better but I'm ok with 3 lbs.  

Mike and I made it to the gym this morning before 7:30 and I put in 2 full hours.  Ended up taking a class taught by a trainer I hadn't seen before.  He was very motivating and I liked how he showed modifications for my bad knees.  I will try to take his class on Sundays from here on.  

I had hurt my back last week and so didn't do much this week at all and thankfully it has healed up ok though it's a bit sore again today.  I had the trainer show me how to use the foam roller and he also told me a few other things I could do for soreness so I will try things to keep my back going this week.  Hopefully it won't get as bad as it was and eventually it will be fine.  

Going to bake a turkey for Christmas dinner.  Haven't had a turkey in a long time so that will be a nice change for us. Hoping I can just stay good with food through the rest of the holidays.  

After my visit with Kevin I will be going to Baltimore to visit family and take my mom for her tests.  Hopefully I will get to see at least a few people, my sister, my niece and the baby to name a few.  I would like to see my girlfriend but not sure if that will happen.  Have thought about inviting her to visit but haven't yet.  Just not sure where she is mentally concerning me.  We've talked a few times and it's been fine.  I'm just feeling more at peace about everyone lately.  Really trying to look at people in a loving way and love them for who they are.  

Been listening to "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.  I've never read or listened to anything by him and so far I'm liking what he has to say, he makes sense to me.  I think if I want to continue growing emotionally I need more me time and the more I can read about "letting go of old stuff" the better.  I got a subscription to audible books for work. 

As for work, I'm feeling somewhat better about it all.  It seems everyone is getting along ok and we are getting a bit closer it seems.  I'm enjoying more interaction with the ladies too.

Nick and I put a 500 piece puzzle together last night and today and though I did most of it, it was really nice having some quality time with him.  We talked some about my past and he asked some questions.  I think he has some fear about growing up and having to go out into the real world.  Hard to believe he only has a few more years to go.  Having been on my own since 18 I think I'm in a different mind than some parents.

I'm sure I could sit here and talk more but going to go hang with the family.  

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and happy New Year if I don't make it back here before then.

Until next time...

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