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Christmas Cake Pops

Posted Dec 04 2011 7:56pm
I participated in a Christmas cookie exchange this year and since I'm a Pinterest addict and it brings out the "oh I want to make that!" in me, I figured I'd try my hand at the oh so coveted cake pops that you see all over the internet. 


Well one thing's for sure, while they are easy in "theory," they are oh soooooo time consuming!!! I had to make 6 dozen and two cake mixes only got me 5, so I didn't have an extra dozen for sampling.  The time consuming part is the dipping in chocolate and tapping them and letting them drip and start to dry before moving on to the next.  Thank goodness I enlisted The Husband to help me in my make shift cake pop factory because without him it would have taken wayyyyy longer than the 5 total hours it took already!  Yup.

With all of that said, Phase 2 of the process was a special kind of fun, because I had a special little helper by my side

I want IN that bowl!

One day, I will get an entire fist in there

Much better than the broccoli Mommy

The cookie exchange was a hit, the goodies I brought home are delicious and I think the other girls took pity on me and gave me the prize for "most original cookie" simply because I spent so much time on the damn things :-D

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