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Choices: Overeating, Gaining Weight, and Something Else

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

There is nowhere else she would rather be:

Fridge door open, looking, grazing, grabbing, picking out, bite after bite, chew after chew, gulp after gulp, knowing it will all end at the kids' snack cabinet, where chips and various crunchy and sweet things lie in wait for her.

It's not a binge, more an intermittent activity - reward, really - sprinkled throughout the day. Of course she had tried keeping carrot and celery sticks and little tomatoes cut and ready to eat, but who wants that? She never does.

She would rather be anywhere else on earth:

Closet door open, looking through clothes, size 6"s to the left, 8's in the middle, then a mix of 12's and 14's. All the way to the right are a few ugly 16's, the only things that fit now, so she has no choice but to put one of them on to go out to dinner.

Lately, she had started to think she wanted to switch these two experiences. She wanted looking through clothes and selcting something to put on to be a lovely time, and going to the refrigerator to eat everything in sight to be distasteful to her.

Wanting that was a first step.

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