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Chocolate Milk Drink Boosts Post Exercise Recovery

Posted Sep 16 2011 9:09am

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There are so many sports drinks on the market these days, which are supposed to help you with your workout, especially afterwards. The reason for this is you want to get sufficient supplements in your body in order to repair the muscle tissue, which has just been broken down.

However, do we really need to spend lots of money on energy drinks that we don’t necessarily need ? It would seem that the answer is yes it could be as simple as something that you have in your fridge at home. So there is no need to spend lots of money on something that you don’t need.

The time period after you exercise, which is important is the two hours after you have done it. This is one the most important times after you exercise as regards you will perform in your next workout. This research suggests that drinking a chocolate milk drink after you have been exercising, is excellent at rebuilding and replacing your muscle tissue. So when it comes to working out again, your performance will be even better the next time.

And the reasons are building muscle. When the researchers took samples of tissue from the participants, they found after having 16 ounces 16 ounces of the chocolate drink. It had affected their skeletal muscle protein, which means that their muscle tissue would be repaired more efficiently.

This is in comparison to if they had drank just a normal carbohydrate energy drink. The researchers even said that athletes should consider having a chocolate milk drink. If they are looking to boost their performance as well as saving some money.

Keeping lean muscle, they also found that those who drank the drink didn’t decrease their muscle, which is called muscle breakdown the markers for it was a lot less compared to those who drank the plain carbohydrate drink. Future exercise performance, they had 10 men and women cyclists who exercised for an hour and a half, and following on from this 10-minute intervals. They had a rest period of four hours and afterwards were given one of three types of drinks, a chocolate one, carbohydrate and a control drink.

The cyclists then went on a 40 kilometer cycle ride and completed it quicker if they had drunk the chocolate milk drink, but not so if they drank the carbohydrate, and control drink. Who would have thought that something so simple, would be as effective as it is. So now you know there is no need to go and spend lots of money on sports drinks that you don’t necessarily need. If you have any thoughts or opinions on this research. Then please leave them in the relevant section below.

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Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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