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Chemical Breakdown Diet ?

Posted by Jana S

I found this diet in the back of one of my Mom's old cookbooks today.

It sounds unbelievable but then again it does involve starvation. lol

Have any of you used the Chemical Breakdown Diet and if so how did you fare ?


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Starvation has been around for a very long time as a weight loss method. The problem is that your body loses muscle which ultimately can be dangerous and you are depriving your body and brain of necessary nutrients. However I think the greatest disadvantage to any type of diet that is totally different from the way you will eat when off the diet is that the weight tends to come back very quickly. What you eat on a diet should be calorie, portion, fat controlled but contain the healthy foods you will continue to eat when you have reached your goal . Morever exercise has to be a component of weight loss and weight stability. How can you exercise if you are really starving? 
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