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Check to See if Your Weight-Loss Difficulty is Caused by Your Self-Indulgence

Posted Apr 16 2013 5:00am

Self-indulgence, when it comes to losing some weight, is definitely a dirty word. Yet it is there front and center and it’s something to be reckoned with.

Let’s see how you handle feeling and being self-indulgent.

What are your controls like when it comes to eating calorie-rich foods or size of portions or snacking? Do you have good control? Do you go out of control? If you do go overboard, how often do you do it? Are you over-controlled when it comes to sticking to a diet? If so, do you compensate for being so controlled by going on binges, or cheats, or going off your diet completely?

What about your indulgence in other areas of your life besides your pattern of eating? Are you indulgent all over the place and your over-indulgence just carries over into your eating? For example, do you have a strong tendency to do lots of things without thinking about the results of what you’re doing? Would you call yourself an acquisitive person? Do you take unnecessary chances? Do you drink too much, buy too much, want too much in general?

Being self-indulgent is one of the many obstacles to successful weight loss. It can’t be done away with by dieting and exercise. Self-indulgence has to be worked on directly, as every dieting woman can tell you. The diet helps. It guides you about what to and what not to eat. But to stay on your diet or on any weight-loss regimen you will have to come face-to-face with your self-indulgence and do something about it.


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