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Cheat night and just feeling blah and tired...

Posted Sep 30 2011 10:36pm
Well I am back again. I just finished eating things around the house here and there and its just not the same. Usually on my cheat days as you all know I would be at least hitting a fast food LEAST one ...prob more...but its not like that this time around. Instead I have been eating odds and ends here and there, different textures etc. I guess you can say I had more carbs again. I had some chips...I had a few too many ferrero rocher's...I had a bagel.....later a couple of toast...I went to the dollar store and grabbed even a little bag of one of my past favorites (those swedish cherries) and then after I dont really want those and put them back. ? WTF is happening to me? I cannot eat like before nor do I really FEEL like eating like I once did. It is the weirdest thing to me. After even eating those little things i did here and there , I was soooo thirsty! Crazy! And you wonder why you feel so good on Visalus..well even on the stuff that we think isnt so our brown bread that I had...I was thirsty as HELL after having it! So much salt in there too. Sad really

I even thought when returning home from the dollar store, I should order a pizza or something? Or do a big mac again...or what about that new shwarma place? But I just didnt really feel like anything?! I just felt like going home and going to bed. The chips and chocolate I had along with cheese and branflakes basically a little bit of everything (I know crazy mix), but all those things didnt even really appeal to me really like they once did. I didnt feel for anything imparticular per say is what I guess I am trying to voice out thats different this time around then other times when watching. There was always something that I craved...but...this time, I didnt have a craving for candy..or carbs...or fattening things....that is the difference. I was eating just for the chewing of it I guess. LOL
But they all tasted crazy salty...I felt bloated..and started yawning alot. Weird.

I actually missed my skinless boneless chicken, and my dark rye bread at supper..and my really awsome tasting shakes chilled to perfection. This is what I LOVE THE MOST about Visalus. No one can understand it unless YOU try it. So far the ladies who have bought from me have said the same thing. So its not just me. And the more you are on it, like I have been on it for a month...I like the easiness of it. Its so easy to do, no thinking required..and then BAM on our cheat days we are faced with all these options again..what should i eat, where should I go..and this is where I spoke to you guys about the chaos that builds up in our minds and where that "obsession" with food comes into play. And thats one thing I did not miss tonight while taking advantage of my cheat night. Its a great feeling to MISS actually MISS your good foods and your awsome shakes! I have never in my life felt this way about something! And I have never BELIEVED in a product so much that I need to tell others constantly about it!
But, as I said and I still stand by what I did say was a good matter how great they make you feel...or no matter how great YOU feel in general once on the program...I truely believe that you should still eat some bad stuff just once a week for many reasons. Of course the obvious one so you dont feel ever deprived and whatever you do or did feel for throughout the week you should enjoy...but Its a great way as well to really kick start your body again. Bodies adapt so well to things...and once they get used to their "ways" its always good to shake them up a bit! And I even believe this about food. If you are eating so clean 99% of the time....I think it only helps when you give it a shot of bad stuff just to throw it off and so it can kick start things again keeping it new and fresh. You know what I mean? This is the same with routines and weights at the gym as well. It needs changes after a while or at least increase in weight.

So it really kind of sucks that I cannot come on here and tell you funny stories about eating this huge pizza or my licorice that I LOVED SO DEARLY..and laugh and say its great..cause that was not at all my cheat night again was basically little bit of this and that which I had around the house. aw well. Better for me I guess I shouldnt complain!

Happy tommorow I will be going back to my cold icy great tasting vanilla shake.and will feel so much cleaner, better and healthier. No more salt and processed stuff for another 6 days...It depresses me in a way that nothing really tastes the same anymore or as good. Almost like the food I used to eat was WAY overrated and a waste of time and energy buying and eating them all the time. But I was and alot of people still are so addicted to those foods that they cannot tell the difference if eating them all the time. Back off them for a while...and limit them and you will start seeing the difference yourself when comparing eathing those foods all the time/ to eating healthy and incorporating Vi.

 I mean even now while on this eating plan, I put some salt from the shaker on my steamed veggies at night with my supper...and enough of it i mean generous..cause I dont use butter or anything..but still, even the little bit of cheese I had tonight tasted like I was eating 100 times that salt!

LOVE THIS CONTROL now...Bad Foods dont draw me in anymore like they used to. Sure i will eat it once a week just to eat it..but honestly...I dont enjoy it as much anymore to the point where I am just eating to eat (thats the past now). I am eating now when I am hungry and know when to stop and also can tell the differences big time from the good food and the bad...and dont feel that I have to turn to food as a comfort thing, well no kidding i have my crazy workouts the blast me with happy ENDORPHENS each morning when why would I need that so called comfort food LOL

Well I suppose I am going to bed. Nothing exciting to report for this cheat..not sure if there will be any the way it seems like its going. If you havent already...and you are like me and struggle with your weight, and seriously want to lose weight and feel better about yourself and want that help with control...give these shakes a try! I cannot stress this enough!. I am not saying this to make tons of money..I am saying it cause its true. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose. Give it a shot and if you are not happy you never have to order again. But at least you can say you tried them. You can order right here on my site at the link for my vi net web site...and it will get shipped right to your door within a few days! For 99 dollars you can get started right away. What is that? SEriously I can go and buy perhaps 5 things for 100 dollars at the grocery store! And if you dont want to , you dont even HAVE to deal with me personally. You can do it on your own by just going the site and ordering. And it will come every month on the date you select, and if you ever want to cancel you can at ANYTIME! They are a good reputable company. When i sent something back..I got reimbursed on my own card right away as soon as they recieved the goods. So they are good. Dont be nervous about it. I just think EVERYONE who has a food problem should at least try them once to FULLY understand what they are all about. Even if you gave it a try for a month..see how you feel on them, and then see the difference when you are not on them...
Well goodnight friends. The choice is yours. But if you are reading my blogs and are kind of curious and thinking of should you try it or not...TRY THEM. I did, and I am so thankful that I did give them a shot..and within 3 days I became a distributor cause I knew they were a good product right away and believed in how they can seriously help people!

Love yas
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