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Chato as FAT MAN Unleashed, Cartooning True Life!

Posted Jun 28 2008 1:01pm

Mental health humor - Things to do when your stuffing your face
Chato B. Stewart

I feel like a kid in a candy shop… oops bad analogy for weight loss blog. Really, I am thrilled that out of all the hundreds of entries to be a guest cartoonist here at FMU, they picked me… Oh.. there was no contest.

Who am I? I’m Chato B Stewart who the hell are you? I’m the 37 year old Fat Man in the photo and I’ll be posting under “Chato as FAT MAN Unleashed Cartooning True Life!” With each post, I’ll add a cartoon about my weight loss progress and a little useless banter. As you can see from the pic of me, I like to clown around. Yet, what I focus on is no joke. At 356 lbs, I not only cope with my weight but deal with bipolar disorder, too. If you want to lean more about that and other mental illness, check out my blog later. My blogMentalHealthHumor.comis a little different. See I believe that in life we NEED, MUST HAVE humor to really survive in this world. So, I focus on healing with humor.

Mental health is very important with our weight issues. We deal with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, rage, and anger and many other issues. Without the proper mental state, no amount of weight loss will bepermanent… We need to be focused on our goal, but sometimes we also need to find out what the root of our weight gain is. I have told people a simple truth about my weight issue… “I eat because I’m depressed, I’m depressed because I eat.” You know sometimes our medications can put on weight and make it much harder to take it off to. What are your root causes?

Join me every other week for the next cartoon installment as I chronicle my weight loss with blood, sweat, and ink. Today My stats are 356lbs Loss: 0


Chato B. Stewart

Mental Health Advocate - Cartoonist - and a few other things!

“Using Humor to Heal and Educate with badly drawn cartoons.”

P.S. If you really want to get to know me when you check out my site go to my video…

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Chato as FAT MAN Unleashed, Cartooning True Life!

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