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Changing In The Moment: A PRACTICE

Posted Feb 20 2012 10:06am

When I started writing this post, I was going to lament the fact that I used to be a running, kickboxing, kettlebell snatching woman…and that, as of late, I hadn’t been doing any of that. The post I was going to write was all about the past and things that were/are wrong with me.

But then I remembered: change happens in the moment. It happens right now and right now and right now. It doesn’t happen in the past.

Another thing about me? I go through phases. I’m all gung-ho about this or that, and then I’m not. And that’s okay.

Here are some ways I’ve changed in the moment, recently:

Yesterday, when I took my grandson for a walk to the beach in his stroller, I ran up and down the boardwalk. And it felt awesome. I’ve missed running. But not like I used to. It used to be about times and distances and proving something. Now, I do it because it feels good. I want to do it again.

I pretty much stopped eating wheat/gluten, but not 100%. It was something I decided to try, in the moment. I’ll eat oatmeal that was processed in a plant that also handles wheat and I also have a Gnu bar every day and they have a bit of wheat in them. But wheat-based breads, pastas, etc. Meh! I’ve made a few gluten-free recipes and tried a few gluten-free products, but I’m not going out of my way to replace wheat/gluten.

I’ve also stopped eating dairy (except Greek yogurt, which doesn’t seem to bother me). I never considered that I may be lactose-intolerant but my massage therapist (who, by the way, has been working on my lower back/hips/glutes with amazing results) did some muscle testing on me and suggested lactose intolerance, not gluten intolerance.

And while at Green Mountain At Fox Run I learned that sometimes, when we start to crave a certain food (or food group) it may mean that we’ve become intolerant to it, versus meaning that our bodies need whatever it is. I had started craving things like cottage cheese, regular cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. And my intestinal system was not reacting well, although I didn’t seem to notice it. It was only when I’d gone without much dairy (at GMFR) and then reintroduced it when I got back, that it became obvious to me. And sure, I could take Lactaid in order to eat dairy, but why? If it’s not good for my body? So this is something else that changed in the moment.

And writing this post, about what makes my body feel good, acknowledging who I am and what I am proud of, instead of what I used to do, or what’s holding me back, is a change in the moment.

Finn and me at Ocean Beach Park, New London, CT

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