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Certified Organic & Certified Rebel

Posted Feb 19 2009 6:29pm

I’ve been gradually going more and more organic with my food choices for a while now and today I realized was a near “perfectly organic” day! For Breakfast I had a bowl of delicious oatmeal made with:

  • 1/3c organic large flake oats
  • 1/2 organic medium banana
  • 1/2c unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • 1/2c water
  • pinch of salt (kosher)
  • ground cinnamon
  • squirt of Agave Nectar (irish cream)
  • 2 tbsp chocolate pb2
  • 10g organic natural sliced almonds
  • 1 tbsp organic unsweetened coconut chips

My coffee today was even organic! I tried Just Us fair trade organic coffee and instead of polluting it with artificial sweetener, I had 2 tsp of organic sugar with a splash of a little more unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and a mini splash of scotsburn blend cream. Breakfast in total was a little on the high end, but always worth it in my eyes for a total of 508 calories:


Hallelujah for the sun shining in during breakfast this morning! I loooooove to see that, it’s just a brilliant way to start the day :-)


Then I went into my bedroom to get dressed for the day to discover that the animal farm had completely taken over my side of the bed! Funny how they never try to snuggle into hubby’s side, just mine! As much as they tried for a while to pretend that they were too cool to be friends with “the enemy” these two little rascals are BFF’s for life :-):


I went and saw my doctor again mid morning since I’m still being plagued with this damn sinusitis. She’s referring me to an ENT doc and said that hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for an appointment given that my problem is chronic. At least now I can totally handle it and it’s tolerable. I can handle an endless runny nose a lot better than that nauseated migran-ish combo that thankfully was taken care of by the million antibiotics. So now I’ll just have to wait for the appointment!

So when I got back it was fairly close to lunch time and I decided to give an Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma a try. I love Indian food and I gotta say, this did NOT taste like your average mediocre frozen entree; it could have passed for the real thing I swear! It was a very delicious 300 calories although I didn’t quire hit the spot for me, so I….


…sliced up a kiwi and then took a stroll down to the end of the road and back given it was such a beautiful sunny day (although still chilly) and I grabbed a medium amerciano at the Local Joe coffee shop which was also organic. I had a splash of milk 2 more tsps of organic sugar for a total of 100 calories:


Then I was anxious to get home and try out my new Polar F6 heart rate monitor for real! Oh and Jen, I got the black one as it was the only colour they had. It makes me all hard core “black team-ish” don’t ya think? :-D

I was so excited to accurately measure my calorie burn! I gotta say, I am GLAD that I finally bit the bullet and bought one because I was overestimating the amount of calories I was burning! What a disappointment to see that all of this time I was off by a good 75 calories! I decided to hop on the elliptical and compare the HRM on that and how many cals it said I had burned versus my Polar. My elliptical doesn’t ask me for my weight, so I knew right off the bat that it wouldn’t be accurate, but I thought that it would be in my favour because I just assumed that it was based on a lighter person.

I did 47 minutes on the elliptical alternating between some high intensity and moderate-high just trying to get the calorie burn above 400. I wasn’t stopping until I burned 400! Up until this point, I thought I was getting 400 in at around the 30 – 33 min mark. NOT THE CASE! I hit 400 at the 42 minute mark and I did an easier cool down five minutes at the end which gave me 442 calories burned. The elliptical said that I burned about 520+.


The deets:

Calories: 442

Duration: 47:03

Average Heart Rate: 154

Maximum Heart Rate: 173

Fat percentage of calories: 35% (which I have yet to see what this means)

So I love the HRM, but it was not user-friendly to get set up to upload the data from the watch to the PC. It’s wireless, but it’s not bluetooth and uses a funky method of sending info through the microphone/speakers on the computer. It sounds like it’s sending a fax when it’s transmitting. It took a number of tries to get it to work, and thankfully hubby came to the rescue and it seems to work first try now, but not the most user-friendly for the average technically inclined person I must say.

And all the while I was working up a sweat, I had a turkey breast roasting away in the oven! I had a delicious Supper of 100g of roasted turkey breast with 2 tbsp of cranberry & pomegranate brie topping (only 20 cals btw), 3/4c organic whole wheat couscous, 1c steamed broccoli, 2 steamed medium organic carrots and hubby had a hot turkey sandwich and I ended up having some of his leftover bread on his plate for a total of 589 calories:




And all of that would have been just fine but I ended up having dessert which I have to say I’m a little peeved at myself about. I bought hubby an organic date square while I was at Planet Organic and I decided to have a sliver. No biggie, but he ended up not really liking it that much and I had more like half! These little suckers are not easy on the calories, so I blew half of my workout on it for about 210 calories:


So I consumed a whopping 1707 calories today and myfitnesspal online calculator tells me that I’m still good and have 83 more calories to consume. I’m not though because that’s quite enough especially since I estimated on the date square. That seems like a lot of calories to be consuming while on a weight loss plan. I did set the plan to lose at a very slow rate of 1.1 lbs per week, so I may decide to lower my calories to closer to my BMR and not eat up my hard burned calories every day. We shall see.

Now I’m enjoying a 0 calorie cup of chocolate hazelnut stash tea while I blog:


Oh and I just realized that I completely neglected to report my WI to you guys. Maybe it was more subconscious avoidance? I gained 4.8 friggin lbs last week and I gotta tell ya, even though it may come back off quickly, I earned every one. No “fake weight” talk here because I seriously ate a lot of crap last week. In fact, I was thinking about it a lot today and even though I’m not a “binger” kind of a person, but more of an “over-indulger” I knew what I was doing at the time I was doing it and I made the conscious choice every time! It was like I knew that I’d regret after and in fact, I regretted as I was doing it too, but I did it anyway! I think it was utter rebellion the more I think about it. I think it was a way for me to rebel against how much hard friggin work this is to maintain a healthy menu in an attempt to continue with my weight loss and it was a way to express the frustration that I am even in a position to have to pay attention to every single friggin calorie that goes into my mouth. I think it was me having a pitty party because I know those people are out there that have never had a weight problem and do not have to even concern themselves with their daily calorie intake or expenditure. I am jealous of those people and it’s just plain not fair, is it?!

The thing that really bothers me about it is that when I’m on my game, I am happy and I love it and I feel at my best. It doesn’t feel like it’s a huge chore, but it’s the getting back there part that is. I think I just wanted to be “human” for a while, ya know? But really that isn’t the kind of human that I want to be either. It must just be that I’m a rebel, plain and simple, but I’m on my way back and had my little party and got it out of my system for another little while :-D

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