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Cellulite – Is it possible to get rid of it?

Posted Feb 15 2010 12:54pm
I had someone ask me this very common question the other day.  “ I think my weight is fineI am 5′4120 poundsand I still have some cellulite on the back of my thighs. Is this normal? Alsohow do you get rid of it?”  
Well first of allthis condition is pretty common. 85% of pre-menopausal women are plagued with that ugly lumpy bumpy fat on our legsbutts and bellies. Some say it’s impossible to get rid ofI disagree. Grant itit’s not easyespecially for womenbut I believe it can be done. We have so many cards stacked against us…  We’ve got the hormone dealwhich is huge and then we’ve got the fact that genetically we’re designed to store fat in our hipsthighs and butts to enhance the childbearing process. But if you eliminate the possible causes and combine the right nutrition with appropriate activities and lifestyle habits you can say bye bye to that cottage cheese.
Here are 5 possible causes you can get rid of today.
1. Eating the wrong types of fats:
Trans Fats (Partially Hydrogenated oils) disrupt the metabolism and can really slow things down. Trans Fats appear in most fast foods and processed foods. Not sure…..just take a look at the food labelif the ingredients include…partially hydrogenated this or thatSTAY AWAY from it!
3. Not enough of the “Good Fats”:
You’d be surprised at how many of us don’t get enough daily omega 3 fatty acids. Try to eat wild seafood (salmon etc.) at least once a week and maybe supplement your diet with a good quality fish oil. Not only are these oils good for their anti-oxidant valuesbut recent research has also shown that 3-5 grams of omega 3 fatty acids daily may significantly increase your metabolism.
2. Estrogen overload:
Estrogen stimulates the fibroblasts to make collagenase (an enzyme)which breaks down the collagenstarting the cycle of cellulite formation. Women’s hormones are easily influenced by things in foodmedications and the environmentwhich can increase estrogen levels and therefore increase cellulite. So try to stay away from soy (disrupts your hormones and increases estrogen levels) and get your hormones checkedespecially if you’ve had some female issues. Regulating your hormones is not only huge factor in removing cellulitebut they’re important in so many other important bodily functions. 
4. Drinking too much caffeine: - Try to cut out or reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine isn’t the best for our bodies. It promotes waste storage and decreases circulation. Removing toxins and increasing circulation are key factors in the battle of the bumps.
5. Processed Food: This is a biggie. As I’ve mentioned beforewe are exactly what we eat. If you want to look like a cakemuffin or bagelkeep shoveling them down. Processed pseudo food (I think Michael Pollon calls it that?) really messes with your fat storage. If our goal then is to remove the fatget rid of the junk in your diet.
Oh and before I forgetthere’s one other thing you need to get moving on if you haven’t already……Get moving! Exercise not only improves your circulationbut it will also increase your energy expenditure so you can create that calorie deficit and burn some of that extra fat storage. Be sure to also include some type of strength training.  Strong shapely muscles will also help smooth out the appearance of those lumps and bumps. If you’re not sure what types of foods to eat or exercises to docheck out the 8 step12 week plan over at The program’s all laid out for you. All you have to do is “Do it!”
If you’ve run across any other ammo to use in the battle of the lumps and bumpsplease share them in the comments section below.
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