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Celebrity like figure through Kick Ass workouts

Posted Jan 22 2013 10:16am

Nestled in the serene location of Whistler, Canada is the celebrity fitness boot camp organized by the world-renowned fitness coach and expert Cat Smiley. With over 13 years of experience in the health and fitness industry has helped numerous women in the age group of 18-35 kick start their change and achieve total body transformation. Many obese women today are going for one such extensive workout camp to transform themselves into the best version of themselves. In order to attain maximum results, it is advised to go for one such fitness camp conducted by trained experts and coaches who have years of professional experience and expertise. By attending one such fitness session you will lose that excess fat which has accumulated over the years as a result of your bad eating habit and lifestyle. Losing weight is considered to be a time taking and cumbersome process but once you land at the right place you can be rest assured that all your problems would be well taken care of.

In Canada, Cat Smiley is one such renowned personality who conducts exclusive fitness boot camp and power workouts for women from all walks of life. With their well-planned outdoor exercise modules, Cat’s team helps obese women lose those excess fat and pounds in a very short time. You therefore got to register yourself for a kick ass workout sessions which has all the ingredients to transform you into a fit and healthy version of yourself. In today’s world, everyone thinks of achieving the best external look and it is by attending one such boot camp you can acquire a beautifully crafted physique. An extensive physical workout in the mountainous setting can help to lose excess weight in an organized manner. A boot camp in the picturesque woods can help an individual to attain that physical stamina and agility to look fresh and rejuvenated. A healthy body gives birth to a healthy mind, so you got to look for a company who provides you with a complete kick ass workout to attain a well-shaped body. Cat Smiley is a famous fitness trainer with a team of professional experts who are acclaimed in the field of fitness training. Even the outdoor location chosen is really stunning and helps to revitalize the body and mind with the beautiful natural surrounding. This actually produces a whole lot of energy in the minds of participants and they in turn give their 100% in a boot camp.

For maximum results, it is required to sign up and join our full time live-in program for 4 to 8 weeks. When you come out of one such kick ass workouts, you are a completely changed personality. They work on all your physical aspects by boosting your stamina to the highest levels and this is the first and foremost sign of you being perfectly fit. By registering yourself for such physical workout sessions and clean eating environment within a supervised and structured program, you are guaranteed to achieve exceptional weight loss results.

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