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Celebrating The Holiday Season with your Beloved Autistic Child

Posted Dec 23 2012 11:06am

Holiday season most especially Christmas season is the most favorite season of almost everybody and so as your autistic child at home. This is the time when they can enjoy it and spend their time with you so make the most out of it. We all know that having an autistic child is really a big challenge but it is okay because you love them so much. One way to show your love for them is to spend the holiday season right with them.


Here are some tips:

  • Plan in advance! When you have a plan of spending the holiday with your child, plan ahead of time so that you may not short out of time when the time comes and so that you can prepare very well.  Planning also involves orienting your child where to go, what to do and how they should behave so that they may be aware.
  • Bring your child’s favorite book, toy, stuffs, and gadgets so that they may not get bored. As a parent, you may also read their favorite book for them because they will really appreciate it and they will feel loved. I know this is just a simple thing but for them, it is already a big thing.
  • List down the things you want to bring for you not to forget some of your things. Do not also forget to bring extra clothes for your kid such as extra shirt, pants, sweaters, shoes and coats.
  • Do not forget to bring antihistamines or anti-allergies. It is very often to kids to experience mild allergies especially to the foods they eat. So, be alert all the time, secure one in your purse.
  • Autistic kids don’t like extra noise and sounds sometimes, so don’t forget to bring headphones in case this incident may happen.
  • Kids who have autism may seem hyperactive sometimes. So, make use of this moment most especially during snack time. You may instruct them to give table napkins to other kids because it may increase their self- esteem, confidence and socialization skills.
  • Stay with the routine. Kids with autism cannot handle change so maintain the routine of your home as much as possible. Too much change may increase their stress level and they may not enjoy their holiday vacation.
  • Be patient and try to understand your child all the time. We all know that they need an extra patience and understanding because of their condition. So, as a parent you will be the first one to execute this.
  • Be creative! Creative in a way that they may enjoy simple changes because changes may increase their self-confidence, esteem and socialization skills.

Having a kid who has autism may be depressing and hopeless at times because it requires a lot effort from you most especially if you are the mother. However, it is just a small challenge for you. Just be thankful enough that you give a child. So, spend your holiday in a good way with them.

 ” A child with autism sees things differently than we do, perceives things in a different light…. Can perceive things we could never imagine.”



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