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Causes of Gaining too Much Weight and What to Do About Them

Posted Dec 19 2012 5:00am

What is it that makes you eat too much food or eat too many calorie-rich foods and gain so much weight?

Is it in your genes? Is it the result of you living in an obsesogenic environment? Yes, you heard right “obesogenic”, which means an environment that encourages you to eat and drink more calories than you expend and to become overweight or obese. Or did you gain all that unwanted weight because of some emotional cause like anxiety, depression, or emotional reactivity?

What you see as the cause of your overeating and eating too many fattening foods should make all the difference in what you do about it. But it doesn’t. What most people do about carrying around too much weight is start dieting.

What do you do, though, if you pinpoint the cause as an obesogenic environment? You could, if you like, put your environment on a diet, and avoid people and places and food that are obesogenic and frequent only places and be with people who offer normal eating or dieting possibilities.

What do you do about genetics? That sounds like something that is inescapable, but it isn't. People who have genetic disorders can, in many cases, compensate for their genetic disorder by special diet and modified lifestyle activities. If you think of your weight gain as genetic, then you will be able to compensate for it also by dieting and modifying your lifestyle.

And what about emotional reasons for gaining so much weight? Here is where using psychology to lose weight comes in. You can identify the emotional causes and then do something about them.  

If you need help using psychology to lose weight, please go to The Reading Room and the White Paper, both of which are in the left-hand column of this blog at Or, if you want to have an actual book or an e-book to read through and refer to, check out the weight-loss books for women section on the right-hand side of this blog.

If you need more specific help, email us at and we’ll point you in the right direction.


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