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Cardio Exercise Equipment and Weight Loss

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:09am

This is a guest post by Zane from Best Diet Pills.

Dieters interested in losing weight can take advantage of a variety of cardiovascular exercises. Cardio exercises have been proven to burn calories while also providing overall added benefits to vital organs, tissues, and cardiovascular system functions.

Cardio Exercise Equipment


Treadmills provide dieters with accessible and convenient access to easy cardiovascular activities. Today, most treadmills come fit with speed and incline controls, in addition to calculated information to monitor your calorie expenditures and heart rate. According to research, an individual weighing 200 pounds can effectively burn calories on a treadmill. For example:

• Walking for 60 minutes can burn over 450 calories
• Jogging for 60 minutes can burn over 700 calories
• Running for 60 minutes can burn over 900 calories

Also, for individuals who are relatively inexperienced with exercise, a treadmill is a convenient way for dieters to get started on their paths to fitness without feeling intimidated. Adding to this, treadmills can also provide dieters with helpful exercise distractions, as many gyms and fitness facilities conveniently place televisions near treadmills, enabling members to work out while being entertained!

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical trainers provide dieters with added weight loss and muscle-toning benefits when compared to a treadmill. Unlike a treadmill, an Elliptical machine not only utilizes the lower half of the body, but it also makes use of the upper half of the body, so individuals are often able to burn more calories while toning more muscles. Added to this, Elliptical machines also cause less harm and damage to joints than running. For example, running may often cause injuries to areas such as:

• The back
• Hips
• Ankles
• Knees

Since running and jogging on pavement or treadmills forces the body to absorb harsher impacts than an Elliptical, these machines provide dieters with safe and effective cardio exercise opportunities.


StairMaster machines have been used by dieters for over 25 years. Many dieters consider the StairMaster to be one of the most challenging cardio exercise tools, as it requires individuals to repeatedly climb steps at various paces. In climbing these steps, dieters are able to burn calories while improving the overall muscle tone in the body and core/abdominal areas. The StairMaster equipment has been revised and re-designed since its introduction 25 years ago. Today, StairMaster machines have articulated steps, ergonomic handrails, a progress screen to report calorie expenditures and results, in addition to some higher-tech machines which also include LCD capabilities.

Bicycles and Stationary Bikes

Similar to a bicycle intended for outdoor use, the stationary bikes at a gym provide dieters with a variety of cardio and weight loss benefits. While biking outside allows dieters to enjoy a varied terrain, in addition to natural challenges of hills and peaks, stationary bikes can often provide similar benefits with their high tech advances.

Today, stationary bikes allow individuals to choose their own levels of resistance, as the bikes can simulate the cardio benefits of hills and additional factors, such as wind resistance. Whether biking outside or indoors, dieters can boost their calorie expenditures while also toning up their legs, gluteus, and core/abdominal/back regions with this cardio exercise.

Whether you do or you don’t use cardio exercise equipment, a cardio workout is essential for any fitness regime.

Zane is the owner of Best Diet Pills a website that focuses on providing consumers with no nonsense diet and diet pill reviews.

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