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Cape Split Training T-4 Days

Posted Apr 15 2009 12:31am

Well before ya know it, we'll be all suited up with our packs and hiking Mount EverestCape Split. Okay, it may not be Mount Everest, but I'm not taking a 4 hour hike lightly! So I'll be making sure to get some form of "training" in every remaining day in this week. My foot seems to be feeling better from my run on Saturday, so I will have to keep an eye on that since I don't want to be going into the hike already with a sore foot. Friggin.foot. Which brings me to my question: will I be okay wearing my runners during the hike? I really only have one pair of good sneakers (NB 882) complete with my custom orthotic (yup, I'm an old woman) and I don't want to go out and buy a pair of hiking boots. I should be okay, shouldn't I? Frig I really should have hiking boots and my sneaks in my backpack just in case, but I'd hate to "break them in" on a 4 hour hike! What do you think? I couldn't even tell you what the terrain will be like. The description says, "The trail on the right, past the fence, is fairly easy going and is well suited for most hikers and bikers."
Another site description says:
"Cape Split is a fishhook shaped peninsula sticking out into the Bay of Fundy. It is only accessible by boat or the hiking trail.

It is one of the most phenomenal landscapes in Eastern North America. From this dramatic peninsula jutting into the Bay of Fundy we can watch and listen as the world's highest tides rip past us 300 feet below.

About 7km of dirt trail with lots of slippery roots and volcanic rock (about 26 million years ago there was a Hawai-like-shield volcano in the middle of the Bay of Fundy). Lots of hard and softwood canopy overhead. Trail starts at sea level and ends about 200' above in an open field. Sheer clifts on each side and lots of nesting birds to watch. Also the rip tides and fundy tidal bore are fun to watch. The return trail is mostly downhill for an easy ride back. Lots of hikers are on the trail so some caution and respect is required."

Hallelujah for the downhill back! :-D
So I'm super excited about the hike and it looks like there will be 6 of us (maybe 7)! The long range forecast (a.k.a. virtually meaningless reference point for weather) says it's going to be about 10 degrees (celcius, my American friends) and no indication of rain drops so far. :-D

I hope the sky is clear to see this though:

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