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Can You Stop Eating So Much Food and Such Calorie-Rich Food? Maybe Not.

Posted Jan 09 2013 5:00am

What good does eating too much food or eating too many calorie-rich foods do when you’re feeling blah or jittery or bored or low on self-esteem or a hundred-and-one other ways?

First of all, it might provide the comfort you need. Or it could serve as a distraction from what you’re feeling. It might also operate as a masking function so that you attribute your feeling to overeating or breaking your diet rather than to the real cause. Eating too much food or eating too many calorie-rich foods may also get your mind off yourself and onto something more concrete, tangible, and pleasurable.

In any case, you can see how helpful the way you eat is when it comes to delivering you from unpleasant, even disturbing feelings. That’s the trouble if you want to lose weight. Eating too much food and eating too many fattening foods work really well, darn it. They serve a useful purpose.

You can see what you have to do if you want to stay on your diet and lose your unwanted weight.


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