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Can You Still Lose Weight If You Eat Cheese?

Posted Nov 09 2009 10:00pm

It’s been said many a time that we shouldn’t eat foods that contain saturated fat because they are bad for us.

But for our bodies to function normally we do need a certain amount of it, and cheese is one of those foods that can be high in saturated fat and is calorie laden.

So the theory goes that really we shouldn’t eat it this is what conventional wisdom has always taught is.  But is that necessarily the case now it would seem not.

According to what some researchers found in a study carried out in Australia . A group of people were monitored for 12 weeks, and put on a low calorie diet, and told to eat plenty of cheese, yoghurt, and semi skimmed milk.

The people that ate more servings of dairy products and went from eating three to five servings of dairy products lost more weight. Other factors, which changed during the process was lower blood pressure and a reduction in belly fat.

The reason for this being according to the researchers is dairy products tend to have a lot of protein in which takes the body longer to break down in the stomach, so you feel fuller longer. And as long as your overall intake of food is less than it should be is no reason why you can’t eat these foods.

And lose some weight at the same time, Dr Chan She Ping Delfos said that if “you combine this with resistance training it can result in a higher fat burning ratio.

In conclusion there is nothing wrong with eating certain foods in moderation it just depends how much you eat of them. It is far better to eat cheese, which is grated, so if you have a salad grated cheese would be better. In addition, to to this there are quite a lot of low-fat cheeses which are high in protein and low in saturated fat.  So you could probably get away with eating these and apply the principles from the above information.

And I must admit myself I do quite like cheese but always thought it was a bit of a forbidden fruit. But it seems that isn’t the case even though it may used to have been.

Did you stop beating cheese because you thought it was really bad for you? or do you eat it and haven’t noticed any real problems with weight gain. Be interesting to get some feedback from cheese eaters to see what they think.


Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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