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Can You Slow Down?

Posted Aug 04 2010 2:31am

I am an unreformed speed eater. It’s true. I am the last person to sit down to dinner with the family and the first one done. I’ve always been a fast eater. I could eat an entire pan of brownies in 20 minutes. I could polish off a huge club sandwich, large order of fries, two pieces of broccoli and a death by chocolate dessert in 15 minutes.

Once I had kids, eating fast was a partly an acknowledgement of that fact that if I didn’t finish before the kids, I might not get to eat at all.

Over the years since I lost all my weight I’m still a fast eater. It is something I think about occasionally, but nothing that I’ve been very successful at conquering. I do know the benefits of slower eating.

♥ Eating slowly gives your body a chance to digest food and send a signal to your brain telling you that you are full. When I was inhaling a restaurant meal big enough for three people in a few minutes I didn’t give myself enough time to even begin to register “FULL! FULL! FULL!”

♥ Eating slowly also gives you a chance to really savor and taste your food. If you’ve never let a piece of quality dark chocolate just melt in your mouth, I’d encourage you to try it. If not chocolate, choose another food you love and take the time to taste the explosion of flavors. You may be surprised to find that you don’t need to eat very much of that special food to make you feel satisfied.

♥ Eating slowly also gives you a chance to focus on the surroundings of your meal and the people you may be dining with. If you aren’t plowing your way through your meal, you will have the opportunity to engage more in your dinner conversation.

I still work on this speed eating tendency. Now I no longer eat pans of brownies or huge meals, but I do find myself sitting at the table being done with my portions while the rest of the family continues eating. It’s not all bad though – at least I can help the little boys cut their food, get them more water and play referee (which sometimes is needed.)

I’m committed to slowing down this week and enjoying the benefits of slow eating.

How about you? Fast eater or slow?  Diane

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