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Can you be fat even though you're thin?

Posted by vicki l.

Writer's Answer
The heavy/thin issue never seems to go away, but most people equate "thin" with "healthy." Of course that's not true because you can be thin and eat poorly, drink too much, smoke cigs, etc. But it seems that even if you don't do those things, you can still be at risk for a lot of bad things. According to an Associated press artice ( "Some doctors now think that the internal fat surrounding vital organs like the heart, liver or pancreas - invisible to the naked eye - could be as dangerous as the more obvious external fat that bulges underneath the skin. ?Being thin doesn?t automatically mean you're not fat,? said Dr. Jimmy Bell, a professor of molecular imaging at Imperial College, London. Since 1994, Bell and his team have scanned nearly 800 people with MRI machines to create ?fat maps? showing where people store fat. According to Bell, people who are fat on the inside are essentially on the threshold of being obese. They eat too many fatty, sugary foods - and exercise too little to work it off - but they are not eating enough to actually be fat. Scientists believe we naturally accumulate fat around the belly first, but at some point, the body may start storing it elsewhere." So the message in this is to look at your lifestyle, not your diet. Makes sense to me. How about you?
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