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Can You Achieve Permanent Weight Loss with Good Intentions?

Posted Mar 22 2013 5:00am

Good intentions are noteworthy but, as you well know, good intentions too often fail to transform you into doing what you intended.

To bolster your intentions, you might add planning. Planning lays out the specifics. “When such and such occurs, I will do thus and so.” But even the best laid plans…

Intentions can also be supported by how motivated you are. Just because you have good intentions does not mean that you are highly motivated. You may be more motivated to keep to your current eating pattern, which is responsible for you being so overweight, despite your good intentions to reduce your weight.

Your good intentions are also affected by what is out of your awareness. For example: before you know it you ate what you said you weren’t going to eat. What’s that all about? Maybe you don’t know. You say it’s habit, and you are probably right? What is causing the habit, though, to stay right where it is? Could it be a goal of yours that you are not aware of? Could your out-of-awareness goal be “I’m going to feel better no matter what the cost” or “No one is going to tell me what to do, ever.”

As you can see, your good intentions are not enough. You’re going to have to find ways of supporting your intentions. You’re going to have to go digging around to see what might prevent you from actually following your intention.

How often have you had the good intention to start a diet only to find that your intention was not good enough to result in the behavior you intended? When was the last time your intentions failed to keep you and your weight-loss regimen going so you could lose all that unwanted weight? And what about the biggest heartbreaker of them all? What if you lost all that weight, reached your weight goal, had every intention of keeping the weight off for good, and then you began gaining back weight and putting yourself in danger of regaining all your old weight back?

You have to have much more than good intentions in order to pull off such a significant personal change as permanent weight loss.


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