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Can't drink so much water to lose the weight

Posted Sep 18 2009 10:47pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Sometimes, things we are so used to doing, things we take for granted, aren’t things that are really good for us. For example, do you know there is very little evidence, if any, that drinking water helps you lose weight?

This is surprising, considering the fact that diets all tend to say the same thing: Drink eight to ten eight-ounce glasses of water a day. This has been the golden rule for many years. Drinking water, the diet plan tells you, will not only keep you sufficiently hydrated, it will also magically help the pounds drop off.

Everyone who has dieted has heard this, and if you have ever tried to follow a diet perfectly, you probably struggled to get that water down just like they said you should. It’s a hard job, unless you’re really, really thirsty.

First of all, there seems to be no scientific support for the idea that people need to force down eight glasses of water a day in order to get enough hydration. The Institute of Medicine reports that most people get enough water just through their day to day eating and drinking. Recent studies show that for the typical adult, there is a loss of approximately one liter of fluid per day—the equivalent of four eight-ounce glasses. But people make up that loss from what they naturally eat and drink daily.

And yet, the majority of diet plans blindly stick to their daily prescriptions for water. Some tell you to drink half a glass every hour. Some tell you to sip your water through a straw. Some tell you, if you have trouble getting it all down, mix it with lemon juice and ice. Some even advocate drinking water before meals as a way to curb hunger. However, studies at Pennsylvania State University showed that people who drank extra water before and during meals ate just as much as those who drank less.

There is also a lack of evidence for other claims, such as the idea that drinking water raises metabolism, or that drinking water helps burn fat.

This is not to say that water isn’t good for you. Of course, it is. It is obviously much better to drink water than to drink sugar-laden sodas or milkshakes or sweetened teas. But just how much water is enough really depends on you as an individual.

The best advice seems to be, let your thirst be your guide.

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