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Can Somebody Who Is Slim Be Classed As Obese?

Posted Jan 20 2010 2:57am

3774125509_e86d36bdd1A reporter for the Daily Mail Newspaper went for a health check just recently and was told to his amazement that he was pre-obese. Yet to look at him in his picture it tells a different story as he doesn’t look obese at all, he wears a medium T-shirt and his legs don’t rub together like they would if he was pre-obese.

And for exercise he does two kick boxing sessions weekly, takes his dog for a two mile walk every day and uses kettle bells during his lunch hour. So why is this the case.  How can somebody who is nowhere near obese be classed as such?

It’s all down to the irregularities of BMI which I have spoken about before. However, despite the fact of its inaccuracies it is still widely used as a measure of how healthy you are.BMI is based on two factors, your height and your weight, which is then squared.

However, according to what this newspaper reporter saysBMI is quite flawed it doesn’t consider, how your body composition is made up whether your big boned or not or have lots of muscle. If you are of a muscular build then you could quite easily fail theBMI the main reason for this is , It works on your weight only so it fails to take in a lot of other considerations.

According to what a leading professor says we have this obsession with weight alone, he gives an example of this and says you can have a hypotheticalBMI of 24, which is supposed to be healthy, but you could have fatty liver and this could mean that you could become quite easily pre diabetic.

I wrote a post a long time ago now called does Inner Fat Mean Inner Danger where people were scanned using aMRI scanner, and it was found that even though some were quite thin they still had high levels of inner fat within their bodies.

Which if they left and didn’t do anything about would quite easily cause them problems later in life such as diabetes, etc. So is there any need to worry if you are somewhat overweight and have a highBMI ? Some researchers in Japan followed 44,000 people who were in the age group between 40 and 79 years of age and monitored and monitored them for 10 years.

What they found was quite interesting people who were overweight could have a long life expectancy despite what we hear every day in the media.  At the age of 40 overweight men could live over 40 years and this was in comparison to people who were of a normal weight their life expectancy was something in the region of 38.7 years.

Then in another study which was done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey which was based on 5, 440 adults actually noted that a lot of overweight people can be, in fact, healthy they had very good health indeed no sign of diabetes whatsoever, lowerLDL cholesterol and low blood pressure.

The reporter in question had various tests done, which showed he had excess body fat but not necessarily extremely high but enough to be concerned about. Unless you put yourself through lots of complex tests like having your fat measured with skin calipers, and the ultimate thing is really to have aMRI scan which unfortunately most of us don’t have access to. I can’t see many doctors surgeries having aMRI scanner can you.

So if you are overweight, and you are physically active don’t get too worried and concerned about how accurateBMI is. If you are thinking about joining a gym you may get bombarded with things like this, they may want to know what to yourBMI is, so they can use it against you, and you feel forced to join up.

So yet again we have more evidence about how flawedBMI measurements are yet again. Perhaps they should change the name to body mass inaccurate. What do you reckon? is body mass something that you’re concerned about and do you use it to decide how healthy you are? To me, it sounds like a load of crap. I am going to see if I can get a second handMRI scanner off eBay so I will be sure then. Once and for all.

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Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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