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Can Magic Mushrooms Keep Cancer at Bay ?

Posted Mar 17 2009 2:24am

mushroomMushrooms are probably one of the most nutritional vegetables that you can eat, they contain many vitamins and minerals which can be essential for optimum health.

Cancer Research in the United Kingdom have recently been looking at research into mushrooms, which has been conducted in the far east namely Asia, research that has been done there suggests that some types of mushrooms have anti- cancer tumour properties.

Trials were conducted in Japan , the US and China and these findings are quite interesting really because what they say is that certain compounds contained within the mushrooms or fungi have shown to keep people with cancer living longer than they normally would without eating the compounds within the mushrooms.

This isn’t the end of it though it would seem that it is just the start, of this research regarding mushrooms, the scientists there quite skeptical and want to repeat the experiments just to see if there is any validation, to the claims what are made.

One particular survey which was conducted which was based around, some Japanese mushroom workers, found that those who were producers of mushrooms and recommended them to their workers. And ate edible mushrooms compared to those who produced non edible mushrooms, were far less likely to get incidences of cancer compared to their counterparts.

Two scientists were quoted as saying:

Dr Richard Sullivan, from Cancer Research UK, said: “A vast amount of information has been collated which suggests that compounds derived from mushrooms could have a hugely beneficial influence on the way cancer is treated.”

Professor John Smith, from theUniversityofStrathclyde, who led the review, said: “There is now increasing evidence that the medicinal mushrooms offer a remarkable array of medicinally important compounds that have yet to be evaluated by western medical scientists.”


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Can Magic Mushrooms Keep Cancer at Bay ?

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