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can loosing weight too fast cause clumbsyness

Posted by asha12us

The last 10 weeks I have been loosing weight I have lost 45 pounds and I have start to become very clumbsy and rolling my ankle could that be a cause of the weight loss?

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Yes could be 4.5 lbs a week is quite a lot for your body to cope with.

You are possibly eating a very low calorie diet - if that's the case you need to make sure every morsel is nutrient dense. Berries instead of apples, brocolli instead of potatoes, Black beans instead of baked beans, pistachios rather than peanuts- use lots of herbs and spices to make sure you are getting enough iron.

Spread your allowance out throughout the day to avoid blood sugar lows and drink plenty of water.

It it gets worse check in with your Doctor


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