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Can’t Stop Overeating, Can’t Stop Eating Fattening Foods. Why Not?

Posted Feb 05 2013 5:00am

When is enough, enough?

What’s been your experience? If you’ve been eating too much food or too many fattening foods, have you found yourself eating more and more just to feel satisfied? If so, you’ve developed a tolerance, which means what used to make you feel satisfied no longer does, and you need more just to get you to what used to make you feel satisfied.

This is not only a behavioral experience, it is an experience your brain is having as well. Dopamine, a chemical substance that is released at the end of nerve fibers in the brain and transmits nerve signals across the synapse, is reduced when overloaded by overeating. The reduction in dopamine makes you feel less satisfied, and you have to increase what you eat just to get that old satisfaction back.

What to do?


Be aware.

Become wary.

Become wary of needing to feel satisfied.

Enough is enough.


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