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Can’t Stop Eating The Calorie-Rich Food. Here Might Be Why.

Posted Mar 11 2013 8:48am

Is it more difficult for you not to eat too much food or eat too many fattening foods than it is to overeat or eat fattening foods?

If you find yourself in this dilemma, take a look at what makes one more rewarding than the other. You might find that you are not where you think you are in the process of wanting to lose weight. You could be talking to yourself about eating less and eating differently but your heart might not be in it yet.  The positive feedback and reinforcement you’re giving yourself for eating right may not square with the fact that you think of cutting back on calorie-rich food as depriving yourself of something you really want. If this is the case, then you might do best for the time being to accept what you really want and inch forward from there.

You may also be keeping secret from yourself the fact that despite saying you want to change, you don’t really want to give up the immediate pleasure and gratification you get from wolfing down those delicious treats that you’ve come to rely on. Keeping secrets from yourself is not so far-fetched as it may sound. Think back on how long it took you to realize you didn’t want to do something you thought you should be doing, like in “I should stop that awful habit”, but you didn’t.

Then too you might have gotten yourself to believe that you are improving when it comes to overeating and eating fattening foods, but you can’t help feeling hopeless and helpless still about making real progress. Which part of yourself do you support? Will you feel good about the improvement and reward yourself for that, or will you acknowledge your hopeless, helpless feelings and do more in that department? Perhaps you should do both.

As you can see, changing your pattern of eating so you can have the weight loss you want takes a lot of heavy thinking, careful thinking, precise thinking. The diet books and exercise routines don’t tell you this, but it’s there and an important part of the weight-loss process nonetheless.


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