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Calcium Might Help Keep The Pounds Off

Posted by Heather J.

Dietary calcium, particularly from dairy sources, has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years from studies showing that it seems to help weight-loss efforts. A new study looked at weight re-gain after a diet, and again, dietary calcium helped dieters keep the pounds off in the months after their weight loss. So, whether you’re dieting or aiming to maintain your goal weight, make sure you incorporate a few servings of yogurt, milk, or cheese into your daily diet. Your bones will thank you, too.

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I've been interested in the effect drinking milk has on weight loss, so this is uplifting for me to read. But what is "dietary calcium"?
It's really difficult for me to get the calcium without the fat in my diet, so I take a supplement. I wonder how that helps? Does anyone know?
Hi Kristen and Lela. Dietary calcium refers to the calcium that you get through the foods you eat (in your daily diet), for example from milk, tofu, bok choy, soybeans and almonds. Dietary calcium does not include calcium supplements. Lela, calcium supplements are important for all women to take so I think you have the right idea there. Even if a person consumes calcium in their diet, calcium is also lost from the body, so supplements are a good choice, as an addition to diet. Supplements, however, should be used not as a sole source of a nutrient but as an addition to the foods you eat in your diet. So continue taking your calcium supplement, but try to eat calcium-rich foods each day as well.
This news has been welcome to me. I love dairy products and now, I know that as long as I don't go overboard, they are good for weight loss. Just yesterday, my dietitian recommended that I add more milk, yogort, etc. to my lunches so that I won't snack so much in the afternoon (hopefully.) I'm glad to oblige!
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