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Cake or no cake???

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:50pm
Hey everyone.

It has been such a crazy few weeks I tell ya since the kids are back in school/daycare. Not sure how to describe what i have been through but lets just say I am feeling as though I am pretty much drained lately!

The last few days really have been especially hard. Just trying to keep focused while at the same time, dealing with so much running. I will take a moment to describe to you my mornings and by mornings i mean trying to fit all this in within lets say 5 hours, and perhaps you will understand why I have been so drained.

1)First off I wake up at about 6:30 ish
2)....get the kids up...get them dressed for school/daycare.
3)Prepare the kids their breakfast and get them sitting at the table.(sometimes really hard)
4)While they are eating I get their lunches/snacks done up and ready to go in their bags.
5) once that is done, I have a few minutes to make my own breakfast and wolf it down basically.
6) Like an army camp order them all upstairs to get their teeth brushed, and i take a few minutes to fix daughters hair.
7) Get the 2 older ones in the car, off to the bus stop where my daughter catches her bus for 8 am
8) hop back in the car bringing along my son to his before/after school program
9) Get back in the car and run home to tackle my youngest daughter before getting her off to daycare, leaving me with just a few minutes to prepare my own lunch, and gym outfit etc to take with me before heading off
10) Drive to daycare and drop her off
11)Run over to the gym barely alive to get through my one hour and a half of my gym workout/routine!
12) shower at the gym(necessary)
13) Get back into the car, and drag myself to work to do housekeeping out of all things!! Exhausted!!
14)Finish work, get my youngest in the car and drive to pick up the other 2 kids after my shift is done
15) Arrive and get kids from daycare and deal with trying to get them into the car while my little one is all over the place.. ahhhhh
16) Drive home, unload their bags, and prepare supper for them and myself
17)feed them first (of course)then I sit down to have a few minutes of quiet eating time, which I never get really. Lots of yelling and fusing!
18)get the dishes done after supper, and clean up
19)tackle any homework that needs to be done
20) Do baths
21)get them to bed

Then i am left with some me time, which i don't really get much of cause at that point I am pretty much done!

that is my day EVERY SINGLE DAY during the week, Monday thru about exhausting! Just run run run! And just doing this over and over again!
So the last few days its been so tough even wanting to do a workout to be honest. My eating has been ok however, I guess no time to crave much really.. lol
But it takes everything in me to get my workout done I tell ya! As IF I feel like doing a workout being so rushed like that@

But you know what...this goes to show you if anyone were to have reasons to quit..and I think good enough should be me. At this point I could just say, Ok enough already..i am done with this...and why finish it. I look pretty good lately..I only have 19lbs left to lose. I should be proud and just whatever....

Well friends..I just know in my heart I need to finish this no matter what life brings! Once I get down to where my goal was be 125lbs..then..ONLY THEN will I be able to take a breather, take a seat and say " ok...I did it". Finally:) ahhhhhh!

So I just keep going and just continually remind myself in the meantime, not much time left..just finish it! there you have it. While all this is going on by the way ...husband is sleeping in. Cause he worked till late as he works late shift with his position. Nice eh?! But like so many moms out there, this is what we have to do. And I really think people should appreciate what goes into being a mother, and running a home. It takes alot of work, and to be honest your mind as a mom is always going..making sure this is done, that's done..wheres this wheres got this you got that..its just chaos! But at the end of the day, somehow, we just seem to get through it!

Well, anyways... tomorrow will mark a special day..of course my birthday...and not only that will mark my 10 month anniversary regarding this transformation! Wow how time has flown by...10 months! Only 2 more months left, basically 2 more pics after tomorrows for me..! (I will be taking them even though you guys cant see them till the end)

November 11 th is fast approaching and with everything that i have had to endure, I just hope i will be able to make my goal as planned! Time will tell.

Anyways, better go need some down time for me.
Hoping everyone has a good rest of the week..and I am still debating on the cake issue....not sure if i want to screw my weigh in up for Monday :-(..we will see..but that icing i keep picturing just makes me want to dig in..smiles
decisions decisions...

well ....adios amigos!
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