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By Using Psychology to Lose Weight, You Can Change Weight Loss Failure into Successful Weight Loss

Posted Dec 13 2013 6:50am

by Maria's Last Diet

The process of weight loss if it is nothing else is a series of failures. Small failures. Big failures. Failure to reach your end goal. Failure to reach some of your daily goals. Weight loss failures call for you to be resilient enough to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go on.

So remember, when you fail and regret what you did or did not do or should have done, don’t leave it at that. Regret, especially in the form of, “if only I did…” or “if only I didn’t do…”, can be immensely useful for turning failure into success. Thinking of what might have been or what could have happened means you are not letting your failure throw you entirely. Instead, you are contrasting the actual outcome with an alternative outcome, which presents an opportunity for you to manipulate the outcome in your mind so you can come up with a new and better approach. 

Another way to bounce back from a weight loss failure large or small is to think, “it could have been worse.” Perceiving your failure like this has a number of benefits. You will probably feel less blameworthy, have fewer negative feelings about yourself and your failure, perceive other people as being more understanding toward you, and be empowered to make better decisions about what to do differently.

Despite the fact that weight loss failure is so prevalent, you can think your way through the various failure experiences so successful weight loss can be yours after all.    


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