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By the way, I’m alive

Posted Apr 19 2011 4:42pm

Both my mother and my father called me over the past two evenings to check that I was still alive and not crushed under a pile of rubble left in the wake of 25 tornadoes that swept through North Carolina this weekend , the most in 27 years. (I think they followed me here from Indiana. Sorry, everyone!) I found their calls reassuring because as a single woman living alone who works from home I sometimes wonder how long it would take for someone to notice that I was dead if I were to choke on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my living room. I think the answer is less than a week, but by that time any felines in my house would have assured I’d need a closed-casket funeral.

WordPress entries can be scheduled in advance, so my Monday post (which was indeed written and scheduled last week) wasn’t definitive proof that I was still alive, but hopefully this post is. I could take a picture of myself holding today’s paper to visually verify it, but who buys the newspaper anymore?

Completely oblivious to danger

Chapel Hill wasn’t hit that bad because we’re just west of the path the tornadoes took. In fact, when I turned on the TV on Sunday I was completely gobsmacked to see how much devastation had been wrought across the state. In comparison, my biggest inconvenience the day of the storm was that I had to wait two hours for the rain and thunder to pass before I could go shoe shopping. And miles away people were grateful to escape with their lives, so yes, I was the totally shallow nitwit in this scenario. In my defense, there were a LOT of people at the mall that day, so I’m not the only heartless and/or oblivious consumer out there.

On a more serious note, many people died in last weekends tornadoes and many more lost everything they have. You can find information on how to donate to those in need on this page .

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