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...but I'm losing weight again

Posted Sep 24 2008 12:11pm

I was at dinner with some friends a couple weeks ago. Some of them had worked at their jobs for 7 or 10 or 14 years.

"Does it get boring working the same job for that long?" I asked.


"Oh God, yes."

The other just nodded.

These weren't the reactions I wanted to hear, but at least they were honest. Everyone agreed that they liked their jobs and the companies they worked for, but even the best job had spurts of boredom. Healthy living can be like a job. It certainly is a lot of work. Recently I started to get bored with it, so to get back into it I decided to make things interesting and fun again.

Something new...and shiny
First off, I decided I needed something new, so I got a two-week trial membership at the fancy ladies gym. It's small enough that the receptionist knows who you are, which was a nice bit of accountability. If I stopped going, I'm sure Sharon would know I'm slacking off! I got a trainer to show me some of the equipment, so I was able to do new exercises. I went there before work, did the circuit on their shiny machines and ran on the treadmills while watching the fancy flatscreen TVs. Then I used their showers which were also shiny and clean, and not scary and possibly covered in mold like the ones at the downtown YMCA.

I kind of fell in love with the fancy ladies gym and was thinking of asking it to go steady. However, the fancy ladies gym is several miles away from my house, and we all know long-distance relationships rarely work out. While I was gung-ho about exercising this month, a couple months from now I doubt I would be able to drag myself all the way over there, especially when I drive right past the fancy YMCA to get there. So, while I would highly recommend the fancy ladies gym to anyone who asks, I took my YMCA membership off hold and I've been going back there. Except now I use the weight machines because the trainer showed me how.

Something practical
I finally bought a bike the same day I started the ladies gym trial. That's because bike riding is fun and it's been much easier to convince myself to go for a bike ride down the canal than to just run 2 miles for the heck of it. I'm much more likely to get my ass moving if my movement has a purpose, like picking up Avenue Q tickets, getting books from the library, or getting quarters at the bank for laundry. I couldn't accomplish all these tasks on foot, but now with Bluebell, I'm back in the saddle, literally.

Something fun
I have friends who want to lose weight too! I have walked with these friends at lunch by the canal. I have run with one and her boyfriend's brother, who is a kinesthesiologist who understands stuff like ATP and how to properly stretch. I'm going biking with another friend up and down the trail later this week. Exercise is more fun when it's done with friends. Or maybe you just spread out the misery?

Nothing full of calories
As for eating, I already know what is good for me to eat and now I'm making an effort to actually eat that stuff instead of donuts. The tricky thing with maintenance is that you can get away with eating more crap, but it's hard to figure out how much crap until your pants get tighter. I'm not going totally zero-tolerance on sweets and cookies because I think that's futile and bound to backfire in a binge. But I'm not going to buy any cookies myself. They have plenty of that stuff at the office. So my rule is it's okay to eat a cookie or a bagel if I'm leaving for the day. That way I know I won't come back for seconds, which I would feel compelled to do like a carb zombie if I were still in the same room as the food.

I've already lost several pounds. I'm hoping to average a loss of one pound a week. The holidays are coming up, so that will be...interesting. The biggest difference is that I really care now, which I didn't before. That will hopefully propel me forward so I can get back to my happy weight.

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