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Posted May 19 2011 8:10pm 1 Comment

I'm 18, 5' 10", and weigh 185 pounds. I had the Gastric Sleeve done almost a year ago and i've lost 80 or so pounds but have stopped losing and I have to lose 30 more pounds.. I lift weights and workout because i love to workout but can't seem to weigh any less. I've tried bulimia and it works great! I'm going to college in the fall and is playing college basketball. I need to get the 30 pounds off before i leave for college.


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Congratulations on losing the weight that you have so far. But you must be careful to not allow your wanting to lose the rest of the weight to turn into an obsession. You really don't want to have to turn to such drastic measures to lose, you can do this in a healthier manner.

First, you have to figure out what your bodyfat percentage is and then you have to look at what you are doing exactly when you say you are working out. You may be doing things that are counter productive to you losing.

Tell you what, if you send me a typical workout, I can look it over and see where you need to adjust. I will need you to write down EXACTLY what you do, how long and how much (if any) weights you are using.


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