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bulged lower abdomen

Posted by hcs_ashok

i am a male of 32 years approx weighing 140 kgs. i have been having abnormal weight gain / loss but off late only gaining weight and since many years i have a bulged lower abdomen.. any reason for it and any remedy for the same.

 i also want to lose weight but not able to do so .. call it laziness / fatigue.. but nothing clicking .. dieting also is not given any results.

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You did not say what your height is but obviously regardless of how tall you are, at 140kg you should be losing weight. Do you have any idea what you eat each day? Unless you know what and when you are eating, it will be hard to eat less. Most of us eat mindlessly so we can't remember at the end of the day what we put in our mouths earlier in the day. Don't judge yourself. Just write down everything you typically eat when you are not on a diet. Do you pick up extra calories from alcoholic beverages or sodas? Do you drink a lot of juice every day? Are your portion sizes too large and do you eat after you feel full? How often do your munch on something without even thinking about it? By making really small changes at the start , you can lose weight very quickly. But you have to know what you are eating before you can decrease the amount.

The bulge in your lower abdomen may be due to weight but also could be due to weak abdominal muscles and/or a hernia. You should have a physician tell you what the cause is because it may not be related to your weight.

Finally do not cut out carbohydrates. Just cut our carbs that come with a lot of fat like snack foods, icecream, fried foods. Carbs when eaten by themselves make a brain chemical that turns off your appetite. So eating a carbohydrate snack , low or fat free before a meal will make you eat less. I have a list of snacks in my book, The serotonin power diet. Please write back with more concerns.

Judy  Wurtman

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