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Building Muscle and Losing Fat and Becoming a Cook

Posted Dec 14 2009 12:00am
I just wanted to use this post to answer a few of the questions left in the comments on my last entry. Do I lift? YES! Lifting weights is the biggest part of my exercise routine. I do a full body routine three days a week, focusing on lifts that work multiple muscle groups such as deadlifts, lunges, presses, and pushes. Resistance training helps the body retain muscle mass along with a higher BMR while in a calorie deficit, and is necessary for optimal fat loss.

Now I'm going to hit on the question of building muscle while in a calorie deficit. Yes, it is possible to make newbie gains due to more efficient motor neuron firing/recruitment when you first start lifting weights, but eventually you will stop making these big gains. Although it is technically possible to gain muscle and lose fat while eating at maintenance or in a small deficit, your improvements are going to be minimal, especially after you get down to a very low percentage of body fat. This is why you see some people at the gym who don't really change in terms of body composition after years and years of lifting - they're are not focusing on a specific goal to get optimal results.

The best way to gain muscle and lose fat is to focus on one or the other, hence the terms cutting (calorie deficit for fat loss) and bulking (calorie surplus for muscle growth). I am currently cutting obviously, and will continue to cut until I get down to a relatively low body fat percentage.

Lastly, there is no such thing as "toning up". You are either building muscle or losing fat.

Tonight I watched the movie Julie and Julia. I must say that this movie is quite adorable. I think I want to really learn how to cook now! I honestly love food with all my heart and want to make it taste good in my tummy. Tomorrow I will look for some recipes, go to the grocery store, and cook something yummy for dinner!
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