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Build Up Trust and It Will Come (Losing A Lot of Weight)

Posted Feb 10 2013 5:00am

All right! You want to lose weight. You want to lose a lot of weight. It’s going to be a big, big project. Where do you start?

Why not start with the small, less significant aspects of your daily life? Why start there? If you’re going to undertake something as big as a weight-loss process to which you will entrust your goal of losing a lot of weight, why not build up your trust in yourself first. After all, it’s you who are going to carry out the process of weight loss.

Once you are immersed in a weight-loss process, you will have to endure, cope with, and come out on top of many difficult feelings. That’s what it means to make any self-change. By seeing that you can tolerate, learn to think about, and cope with your small daily feelings, you will be building the trust in yourself you need to tackle the larger, more discomforting feelings of the weight-loss process.

As you work over the small feelings of your everyday life, you will, besides building trust in yourself, be honing your template for how to successfully deal with your feelings.

With template and trust in hand, you can enter the weight-loss process feeling safer and more secure that you can now cope more effectively with weight-loss feelings.


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