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Brooks Adrenaline Gtx Mens Running Shoes Review

Posted Oct 11 2012 5:44am

If you use walking or running as a form of exercise you will know how important it is to choose the right footwear. Especially if you walk or run long distances. Your choice of footwear will be a important one.

I was fortunate enough to have been sent a pair of mens running shoes from Up & Running to try; the Brooks Adrenaline GTX . These come under the category of trail running shoes, which means they are ideal for people who walk/run in wooded uneven territory which may be wet or slippery.

These shoes would be a good choice for a winter/autumn person who likes to exercise and commune with nature in rough-and-ready, conditions, whether it be snow or wet in urban or nonurban areas.

They’re not for people who exercise in fair-weather. The first thing you notice about these shoes is the rugged, build quality of them. You can tell straight away when you hold them that they are well made for the exact purpose that they are intended for. Which is rough outdoor work.

These men’s running shoes are well made, the soles as you can see in the image have a coarse grip which is why they are ideal for rough terrain. And poor weather. They are very light which is another plus point which will create low resistance when wearing them.

As you can see from the side view, they have very thick soles which will only add to the comfort factor. This will minimise the amount of shock from your feet upwards, which will enable you to run further with less risk of injury to your joints et cetera.

Walk/Running Test

For my walk test. I chose to walk around the perimeter of our local park. I’m not exactly sure what the distance is involved, but it takes me roughly about 20 min to walk around the circuit twice and it is a fairly big park, I probably walked a mile or two wearing the shoes. The first thing I noticed straight away was compared to my other training shoes.

It felt like I had a pair of springs attached to my feet so while I was walking. I felt like I had a bounce in my step. And made the whole experience very comfortable on the way back home. I tried a bit of light jogging. I could feel the shoes supporting my feet and did not feel any pressure on my knee joints.

The path where I walked around on the park is uneven and in need of repair. However, I couldn’t tell at all due to the thickness of the soles. I walked on the grass which was slightly damp and had no problems with slipping, the grip on the soles coped with it well. If you’re a runner and want a high end pair of running shoes, then these would make an excellent choice and would last a good few years if taken care of.

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