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Broken guitar

Posted Feb 13 2013 6:16pm

Here is a this – n – that post for you.

This week is already going by fast!  Bagel Wednesday already :D



I posted this pic on Facebook, but here is a picture of my current sads:


John and I both heard a loud cracking noise.  I thought it was something falling over in the pantry and didn’t get up to check it out.  Later on I went upstairs and see my guitar.  Not sure why this happened. Our house is really dry in the winter and that can affect guitars, but my old one has always been fine (and I still have it).  I have to take it to a shop and see if it is repairable and how much it costs. There is wood damage on the face. It may be better just to get a new one.  I have to say that I am really, really bummed about this.  I loved that guitar. I only had it for about 15 months.

It’s been warm enough (relatively speaking) to do some walking outside. 35 degrees today and I did 2 miles of walking.

Stripes are happening on the wall.


They are easier to do now that I have done a few and have the hang of taping and measuring.  Depending on the light, sometimes the stripes look lighter than the wall and sometimes darker than the wall.  It’s fun! We picked up the flooring last night.  It has to acclimate in the room it will be installed in for at least 48 hours before installing.

Tonight is more being busy. It’s Mother/Daughter night and I am out.

Healthy Heart Weekend! I am not going to let you all forget about it.  You can sign up any time through the weekend, too.


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