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Britney Spears Bashed for Being a Normal Weight

Posted by Stephanie B.

It's been all over the news today - Britney's "disaster" performance a the MTV Music Awards. The worst part? The news media is frothing at the mouth over how "fat" Britney supposedly is. She's been accused of having a "paunch" and even a "beer belly."

Yet, from my eyes, Britney is still a beautiful young woman with a perfectly sized body. She is not as skinny as she once was, nor could you bounce a quarter off her abs, but she still looks fabulous! And she's had two children for pete's sake!

There is something really wrong with our culture when we expect our stars to have the same skinny bodies they did as TEENAGERS, before they were moms.

It also sends a message to all women, that there is something dreadfully wrong with them if they aren't at a "perfect" weight.

Remember this the next time you beat yourself up over a few pounds - it's the media talking. Unplug from it and be OK with yourself.

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I agree that she does look great, even if she didn't have 2 kids. I also agree that she shouldn't be expected to look as she did as a teenager. I think the media's gorging on this for a number of obvious reasons, and there are lessons the average and famous person should take into account: 1. (for the average and famous) bikini and bikini type clothing is great! But unless you are on stage with amazing bod, keep it in the pool. Bottom line, be classy. 2. (for the famous) If you're going to do something (ie make a "comeback") then do it with style and be an inspiration. Inspiring Britney was not.
Stephanie, I think you are totally on point with your comment! In high school and parts of college, I subscribed to a lot of different magazines or would just pick up an issue while in line at the grocery store. I started to notice myself critiquing my body and unhappy with parts of it. Luckily I realized it was the media talking and gave up all of the magazines. To this day, I refuse to pick up a media/fashion magazine in the store. Media truly takes a toll on our minds and we need to watch out for these sneak attacks. I recently returned from Israel and the first think I noticed was all the (naturally) beautiful women. They were beautiful to me because many did wear little to no makeup, their body weight was average (healthy and natural) and they were comfortable in their own skin. I've also seen this throughout Europe and Canada. We need to learn from the rest of the world and rethink our idea of beauty. I'm not a fan of Britney, but her body looks fine to me.
have been up there in that outfit.
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