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Brick and eating healthier at Denny’s?

Posted Sep 21 2010 5:07pm

I conked out early last night and got up to do my brick.  Then I checked the weather:

35 degrees? No thank you!  35 feels a lot different in February versus September.  And I like how the little sun was pcitured and the sun wasn’t quite up yet…

So, I instead had some cafe au lait:

Then I worked some and made breakfast.  I was so wanting something warm.  We don’t have the furnace on yet and the house was 64 degrees when I got up (which is only a couple degrees below where we keep it anyway).

After a couple hours of work, the temps rose into the mid 40s and it was time for the brick.  I decided on run/bike today.  I set up my transition outside:

Last year, I didn’t have clip shoes for the duathlon, so I will have a little extra to do in the transitions this year.

Did 2.2 miles, then hopped on the bike and rode 10.5 miles.  It felt just fine going from run to bike, but I think that is a much easier transition anyway.  I certainly am ready bikewise LOL.  I almost did a run afterwards, but figure I should ease into the bricks a bit.  Plus I needed to get back to work.

Kinda hungry after this, but it wasn’t lunch time, so I had a cafe au lait and put some whey protein in it.  Worked pretty well and made a good recovery drink.  I got really sweaty on the run and chilled on the bike.  Not a good combo.

I did break for lunch and hit the veggies!  I knew we were eating dinner out, so I wanted to pile on the veggies for lunch.  However, I had a quick snack while cooking (oops)

I stirfried 2 cups of broccoli and cauliflower in some coconut oil and teriyaki sauce and tossed in some chick peas.

Plus a pear and cinnamon.  Pretty good.  I did get hungry an hour later and had a Pria bar.  And then my latte!


So, John won the football picks this week. Grrrrrr….  His choice? Denny’s!  Eeek!  You think Grand Slam and patty melts and all that fried stuff.  John was nice enough to print out nutritional info for me to take. Thanks for having that Denny’s

I was not in the mood for a dressing-less salad, and you know I love breakfast for dinner. Well, wouldn’t you know that they have a make your own omelet and have egg whites available?

I had an egg white omelet with smoky cheese.  Surprisingly, the hashbrowns were less caloric that other options.

The nice part is that Denny’s doesn’t charge extra for having an egg whites!  It’s nice to savor the cheese by leaving out the egg yolks.   Very tasty and not a huge portion either (which I was also worried about).  I love eggs.

After dinner, we stopped at K-Mart.  Denny’s and K-Mart in the same night… oh my…

Anyway, check this out:

Come on!  It just turned to fall!  It was like we stepped into a time warp, minus Rocky Horror.

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