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BREAKING NEWS: Justin Timberlake & Justin Bieber Duet About Artichokes

Posted Mar 26 2013 9:36am

BREAKING NEWS: Justin Timberlake & Justin Bieber Duet About Artichokes

March 26, 2013 by

Since moving to Los Angeles I really cannot tell the different between Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer!

Flowers in the snow

Seriously, if you come to Los Angeles in December, you might even find me trotting around the city in a bikini.

Does that entice you to get on Orbitz and book a flight? 

You totally thought I was going to post a picture of me in a bikini now didn’t you!

Regardless of my inability to tell whether it’s winter or summer, I am pretty sure this past winter, you all had to endure Amanda Bynes like bi-polar temperatures that come with Earth’s bitchy atmosphere.

Amanda Bynes eating chicken

Who wanted to kick winter’s grumpy ass?

Well you will be happy to know that Spring took care of that for you and has officially K-Oed Winter’s keister! 

2012 Olympics Boxing in London

While it may now be Spring, this doesn’t just mean that celebrities (and yourself?) have every excuse to wear next to nothing when getting sloppy drunk and winding up in someone else’s bed (hope you have more class than that).

Spring also means that one of the sexiest vegetables is now ripe enough to be “undressed”.

Artichoke drizzled with oil

That’s right, THE ARTICHOKE is ready for it’s walk of shame… Although, it being so delicious and healthy (there is an extract – silymarin – in artichokes that literally hugs your liver), I hardly believe it will ever get kicked out of someone’s bed.

I was gazing at one of my Spring-time globes the other evening while watching E! News and got to thinking: 

Which steamy celebrities look as alluring as seductive Artichokes… (they are an aphrodisiac after all) 


Justin Timberlake

 Would you like to nibble on a little Justin Timberlake? With some melted coconut butter perhaps?

Justin Bieber

 I’m thinking about grilling Justin Bieber…

Katie Holmes

 Katie Holmes will find a man soon enough with her delicious appeal!

Robert Pattinson

 Robert Pattinson has perfected “the artichoke”.

Katy Perry

 Not sure whether I should eat or stick this artichoke in water. Men around the world are wondering the same thing about Katy Perry!


The artichoke has such a strong presence, just like Adele.

E! as well as Access Hollywood , Extra  and  Entertainment Tonight REALLY need to do special segments about which celebrities that look like vegetables because this right here is some hard-hitting journalism!

You read it here first folks… Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber will be collaborating on a song called “Artichokes” all in honor of the new season! I guess this is long overdue, considering there are so many winter holiday songs out there! 

NOW GO… Eat some artichokes! 

  • Do you like artichokes?
  • How do you prepare them?
  • Are you happy it’s now spring?
  • What’s your favorite season?
  • What celebrity do you think most looks like an artichoke?
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