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Breaking Away

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:02pm
A break is not the end of the world. I think it's something that everyone needs. Whether it's from school, work, or even (GOD FORBID) dieting, a break has many benefits.

I've been taking a diet break for five days now. In regards to my mental health, I feel a lot better, calmer, and more in tuned with the world.

Now, from a physical standpoint, I feel more rested except for these chest pains. I hope I am not really going to have a heart attack. But you see, I am an optimist, so I believe that these strains on my heart are just signs from my body that I'm doing the right thing.

Eating wise, I've been doing pretty super de duper. Sure, I've given myself a little more leeway in terms of my food choices, but I'm not going crazy or anything like that. Moderation, right?

I've been losing weight for a year and a half now. I never took a real break from dieting, which is why I'm guessing my body adapted to my calorie intake and made me plateau for like forever.

Hopefully my metabolism/leptin/thyroid functions return to normal from this break because if they don't you are going to see a meltdown that is more worthy of an Oscar than anything Meryl Streep can pull off. 100% Guaranteed.
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