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Breakfast Anyone?

Posted Jul 14 2010 2:49am

Way back when I was in high school, our first bell rang at 6:50 a.m. The high school was huge and the county was growing so fast having enough buses was an issue. So the high school started super early so all the elementary and middle school students started at a reasonable time.

Because I got up so early to curl my hair, put on my makeup and try on five different outfits every day, I often skipped breakfast. My parents told me to eat breakfast, but they weren’t usually up that early, so off I went without breakfast. By the time I had finished my first couple of classes I was hungry. Instead of having a granola bar or something healthy, I’d grab the change out of my purse and buy a candy bar at the vending machine.

I continued this lack of breakfast habit for many years. In college I didn’t eat breakfast, and after I got married I didn’t either. I also gained a lot of weight during those years. At 10:00 every morning you’d find me in the breakroom of the bank spending quite a few dollars on candy, orange peanut butter crackers and cokes.

Once I started staying home with the kids, I replaced those morning snacks with brownies or cookies. The kids had oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, but not me. Even after I began losing weight for real, I didn’t eat breakfast. I did replace the 10:00 a.m. brownie with the 10:00 a.m. whole wheat toast, but never got in the habit of eating first thing in the morning.

Honestly, I still don’t eat first thing. I get up early, write, read and exercise. Then I get the kid’s breakfast, shower and get dressed. I’m honestly not hungry before 9:00 a.m, so I don’t eat early.

People ask me all the time about breakfast and I tell them that eating a healthy breakfast is important. It is important because it refuels your body after sleeping all night, sets you up on a healthy eating program for the day, and according to the Mayo Clinic , “skipping breakfast can actually increase your risk of obesity.” Apparently, it’s been shown that if you eat a healthy breakfast you tend to eat a healthier diet and select more fruits and vegetables the rest of the day.

I know that’s true for me. When I used to eat junk in the morning it set me up to eat junk all day long. Once I switched to eating something good for me in the morning, I did tend to make better choices. Not all the time, but it helped. I think it was about starting the day off right. Just like I exercise first thing in the morning to start my day, I also eat right first thing in the morning.

Are you a healthy breakfast eater? Was it something you had to change?  Diane

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