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Brain food

Posted Mar 13 2010 5:52pm

The other week I started studying for my exams at the library. And because I felt that the atmosphere there was incredibly productive, I will try to keep doing that as often as I can. One problem I encountered though, is the meal issue. Usually, I am home most of the day, or at work for a few hours, but I am home for the meals (of course, unless I am eating out with a friend). The library cafeteria does have food but I imagine most is not very healthy. They do have salads and fruit but I have been doing something else that is a little cheaper.

For the past few months, I usually have oatmeal in the morning. I mix 50 or 60g of oatmeal with 10-120ml of water and microwave it for a minute or two. While the oatmeal is in the microwave, I mash a banana with a fork and then add that to the oatmeal, as well as a teaspoon of nutella and peanut butter. I am loving this breakfast so. freaking. much. I love banana and peanut butter and nutella together and what with it still being so cold outside, it is so nice to start the day with a warm meal.

The way I solved the lunch issue is that I cut up some fruit that I brought in a tupper container along with a fork. It’s not ideal because I cannot keep it refrigerated at the library so it just sits in my locker for a few hours before I eat it but I just make sure to eat it for lunch. That way it still tastes good and fresh. I have also been bringing a sandwich with me or bought one at the cafeteria (not much you can do wrong there).

I’d prefer a warm meal but they only offer one meal per day and it’s not the most weight-loss compatible option.

I usually also bring a cereal bar to snack on or buy a chocolate bar, because studying all day really makes me hungry and depletes my energy. I do need to watch out not to have more than one snack like that, though.

The biggest issue, I have found, is dinner, though. I often come home very very hungry and it is easy to just shove whatever I can find into my mouth, because I find myself too hungry to wait till my dinner is cooked. Luckily I don’t usually* have anything too unhealthy in the pantry but it’s something I need to work on. Maybe an option would be to prepare meals ahead of time so I can just microwave them in the evening. A lot of days that is how I do it anyway as I often just cook two portions and leave the second one for the next day.

* There have been too many exceptions lately. I have apparently still not learned that I cannot buy larger sized bags of snacks because I just. cannot. portion. them.

** Usually this works really well. Not when I cook pasta with cheese sauce though. I love cheese sauce so much that I often end up having the second portion as well just for the cheese sauce.

How do you handle meals when you do not have the opportunity to cook for lunch or bring in something microwavable? And how about dinner when you come home absolutely starved? I’d love for you to share any tips you may have.

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