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Bonsey update

Posted May 28 2010 1:44pm
So yesterday turned out to be a funny food day again, I ate so well until dinner time and then I was busy visiting Bones and tired so we ordered pizza and watched Rock n Rolla -the Guy Ritchie movie. I loved the movie except for the last 3 mins...but I wont wreck it for any of you.

breakfastfresh pineapple -2 cups- (2)
1/2c vanilla yogurt -2
1% cottage cheese -2

flat out wrap -2
1 egg and 1/2 c egg white -3
jalapeno havarti -3
(I would rather have a small amount of real cheese than a large amount of low fat cheese)
mushrooms, tomato, 2tbsp salsa and hot sauce -0
(the wrap got so big I had to leave out the tomato and eat it on the side and it was still so big it went everywhere)
1 carton of Knorr Italian vegetable and hearty bean soup 2 cups -4
(Really good soup but it was so thick so I added some more water to it to make it thinner. When it came out of the carton it looked like it was concentrate.)
-this lunch was VERY filling I didn't eat again until 830pm and I wasn't starving

Dinner5 pieces of pizza -25

Daily points allowed: 41
Total points used :43 -this is less than I was imagining I used before I looked it up...I thought I used 50+
Weekly points used: 2
Weekly points remaining: 21
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